Review of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Pilot (2009)

For those looking for a little romance in their lives, look no further than “The Vampire Diaries.” Right away you will be swept up into the warm and gentle embrace of an innocent love story of a young girl who unknowingly befriends a lonely newcomer in town with a dark secret: he’s a vampire. Having survived a horrific auto accident that claimed the lives of her parents, our heroine bravely faces the first day back at school. Seeing her loneliness and pain, the vampire is drawn to her and their lives become forever intertwined.

Based on the books “The Vampire Diaries,” this is a refreshing look at what is by now a classic tale: vampire falls for teenage girl. This series is not to be confused with either “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” last year’s rage “Twilight,” nor even “True Blood.” It may offer some of the same basic elements, but what sets it apart is its offering of pure innocence combined with light doses of romance and comedy. Think more along the lines of “Kyle XY” combined with “Moonlight” and you will be closer to what this vampire story portrays. It has lots of “heart,” poignancy, humor and light-weight suspense.