SAVING GRACE at the Paley Center (2009)

As a member of the Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles, I was able to attend a special screening and Q&A panel for the TV show Saving Grace last weekend. The special guests for the evening included: Holly Hunter (who plays Detective Grace Hanadarko), Kenny Johnson (who plays Detective Ham Dewey), Bailey Chase (who plays Detective Butch Ada), Gregory Cruz (who plays Detective Bobby Stillwater), Lorraine Toussant (who plays Captain Kate Perry), Laura San Giacomo (who plays medical examiner Rhetta Rodriguez), Dylan Minnette (who plays Grace’s nephew, Clay), Yaani King (who plays a new character on the show), Nancy Miller (creator and writer for the show), and Cynthia Littleton (best known for her columns in Daily Variety, who was that evening’s moderator).

That evening we were in for a treat as they had chosen to show us the 3rd season premiere episode of Saving Grace which had not yet been broadcast – and for any fan of a TV show, there is nothing better than the opportunity to see an episode before everyone else. The episode did not disappoint as it had everything one could wish for: intense drama, unexpected humor, thrilling surprises, tender moments, big revelations, and powerful lessons to be learned.