Adventures from Comic-Con: Why It Keeps On Getting Better Every Year (2009)

Seven years ago a friend of mine convinced me to go to a little comic book convention in San Diego called Comic-Con.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find it was not only not “little” (with more than 65,000 people in attendance that year), it was also not just about comic books. It was an entertainment extravaganza with an array of unique opportunities to preview films, attend panels for television shows and mingle with the talent of all these amazing works.

That year I was lucky enough to attend a panel with the cast of a new TV miniseries called “Battlestar Galactica” at which time no one could imagine would then would run four seasons and become a worldwide phenomenon that would touch millions of lives around the globe. Thus, after my first intoxicating con experience, I was thoroughly addicted — and I have gone back faithfully every year since.