THE ORIGINALS Teasers: Quotes and Preview of “The Axeman’s Letter”

AuroraWhat is perhaps the one thing Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) truly fears? The answer just maybe his ex-girlfriend Aurora de Martel (Rebecca Breeds). As we have begun to see, Aurora is not exactly mentally stable. She manipulates men with every smile and every twist of her luscious hair. Astoundingly, Klaus seems quite vulnerable to her charms despite being burned badly by her in the past and, apparently, one thousand years apart has done little to make him impervious to his first great love. Just how wicked is Aurora? Well, she did just kill an entire monastery of monks and has given virtually every person she has ever crossed paths with a reason to fear or hate her. That should give a sense of how much we should not believe a word out of her pretty mouth, and if there was ever a woman to drive brothers to blows, she is it. You’ll see. Klaus and Elijah have a pretty nasty knock-down, drag-out fight about her — literally — especially after Klaus learns about Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Aurora’s dirty little secret.

<QUOTE: “Come find me, before I find you.”

<QUOTE: “I see him as the monster that he is.”

<QUOTE: “However broken you think you are, you are not as broken as me.”

<QUOTE: “Naughty little liar.”

<QUOTE: “I’ve been dying to get you alone.”

<QUOTE: “You have no idea what I’m capable of — but you are about to find out.”

<QUOTE: “I am here for you.”

<QUOTE: “You want a fight? So be it.”

<QUOTE: “I do not love you. I thought I did.”

<QUOTE: “He does not deserve your love.”

<QUOTE: “See. Who is really on your side?”

<QUOTE: “Well, well, well — speak of the devil.”


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