ARROW Spoilers: Taking Aim at ‘Al Sah-him’ and ‘This Is Your Sword’ (2015)


Loving TV shows is a commitment to enduring all the shocks, surprises, twists and turns, heartbreaks and heart-warming moments; and it is a journey most fans and viewers are prepared for.  But every now and then, you run across the kind of fan who faints at the suggestion of something they fear their heart cannot handle or who cannot resist the temptation to savor juicy spoilers before the episodes air.  For those, we are offering today’s special “guess the spoiler” edition for ARROW.

Season 3 has already said goodbye to a few fan-favorite characters:  the first was the death of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and the second was the departure of Roy/Arsenal (Colton Haynes).  Fans have been fervently praying for the miraculous resurrection of Sara Lance ever since her body was laid to rest, but is it too late for the curative effects of the Lazarus Pit?  Just exactly how are the ARROW producers bringing Caity Lotz back into the ARROW world in the spinoff series anyway?  Also, as previously announced in last week’s spoil-filled post-mortem article, Roy is coming back for one more episode this season on May 6th.

As for what lies ahead in the final three episodes of Season 3, there have been some pretty wild speculations thrown in the midst of some tantalizing spoilers.  To keep things lively and everyone guessing, here’s our addition of “Guess the Spoiler”:

– Oliver (Stephen Amell) will have his memory erased by mind-control herbs, turning him into Al Sah-him.
– Oliver will destroy the League of Assassins from the inside.
– Oliver and Nyssa (Katrina Law) will get married in order to save Nyssa’s life.
– Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver will have a special “sunset” moment in the Season 3 finale.
– Thea (Willa Holland) and Roy get married before he leaves town.
– Felicity and Thea will be instrumental in helping Oliver snap out of Ra’s al Ghul’s brainwashing.
– The bioweapon shown in this season’s flashbacks makes a big appearance in the Season 3 finale.
– Thea joins Team Arrow.
– Malcolm Merlyn joins Team Arrow.
– Barry (Grant Gustin) helps Felicity bring Oliver back to Starling City.
– Despite the Evil Oliver fears, Ra’s al Ghul remains the big bad villain of Season 3.

Things that I believe likely for the final three episodes:

– Mind control herbs seems more likely way to bend Oliver to the League’s will than complete memory-wiping.
– A hint for what lies ahead for Oliver and Felicity:  tears.  In two words:  pain and tears.
– I’m all for Roy and Thea being the second wedding of Season 3.
– If Oliver is forced to marry Nyssa, or marries her to save her life, that is kind of my worst nightmare.
– If Marc Guggenheim hadn’t teased that the marriage would be between two people never married before, I’d kind of be rooting for Maseo (Karl Yune) to step up and marry Nyssa to save her life.
– Am confident there will be a “less sad” scene for Oliver and Felicity in Season 3 finale.
– Advice to the Olicity fans:  “Be brave, be bullet-proof and never wavering in believing Felicity and Oliver destined to be together and that their love will hold in the end.”
– Best advice from a fellow Olicity fan:  “No pain, no gain.”  So I’d recommend Olicity fans getting that motto tattooed on their foreheads!
– Predicting that there will be tough times ahead for ARROW fans, but the tears will be mingled with heart-warming moments.
– Barry Allen is making one more trip to Starling City this season, so that as something hopeful to look forward to in helping rescue/save Oliver or even snap Oliver out of whatever hold the League has over him.
– It would be pretty awesome to see Mama Smoak (Charlotte Ross) again this season, but suspect we may see her again ’til next season.
– No clue who could be Felicity’s father, but that is also likely to be a big surprise saved for Season 4.

A big hearty “Thank you!” to the following ARROW fans for their contributions and ideas for the above list of spoilers:  @abasson @LauraElby @cealSR @minny_28 @proudSWIFT_br @DJ_Traxi @Christ2010Grad @Olicityalamode @sacredsmoak @SundayTrain @Anveeta @SaraIsMyGravity

Hope the ARROW fans will stay steadfast and strong in believing Oliver Queen, no matter how “evil” he gets, is still at his core the man we have known and loved for three seasons.  His journey is not over yet, so we stand behind him and those that love him just as much as we do.

‘Til Wednesday, here is to hoping all these wild speculations and spoilers tide you over.  Look for the all new episode “Al Sah-him” to air this Wednesday night, April 29th at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.  Then the penultimate episode “This Is Your Sword” will air Wednesday, May 6th followed one week later by the Season 3 finale of ARROW on May 13th.

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