ONCE UPON A TIME: Quotes from “Unforgiven” (2015)

"Once Upon A Time"
“Once Upon A Time”

Even with the Queens of Darkness circling, ONCE UPON A TIME never forgets to offer ear-catching and mind-bending dialogue.

As a tease, we have collected a few quotes from the upcoming episode. Let’s see if you can guess who says these quotes:

QUOTE:  “I’m going to choose to see the best in you.”

QUOTE:  “Why are these witches waging war against us?”

QUOTE: “When I’m finished, you won’t have a family for me to hunt.”

QUOTE:  “If only your wits matched your looks.”

QUOTE:  “Enjoy your witch hunt.”

QUOTE:  “I know everyone wants me to remember, but I don’t.”

QUOTE:  “I have a feeling they have plenty of suffering in their future.”

QUOTE:  “You’re going to watch your world crumble.”

QUOTE: “Whatever you did, you’re not that person anymore.”

QUOTE:  “Your slumber is nearly over.”
With those quotes rattling around your brain, have fun watching the ONCE UPON A TIME episode “Unforgiven” on Sunday, March 8th at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

"Once Upon A Time"
“Once Upon A Time”
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