THE 100 Scoop: Devon Bostick Talks Jasper’s Torn Loyalties, Inner Warrior, and Blossoming Romance (2014)

"The 100"
“The 100”

Who knew that the first of the hundred to nearly die on Earth would be the one to whole-heartedly seek out love every chance he got? Jasper (Devon Bostick) is a go-getter and he does not shy away from pursuing people that he is attracted to. From Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) to Maya (Eve Harlow) , Jasper is willing to put his heart on the line because he knows better than anyone how fragile and precious life is. His willingness to love and risk his heart makes him a romantic hero that we are all rooting for — no matter how impossible that love may seem.

But on the flip-side, Jasper also learned to be a ferocious warrior who will quickly rise up against anyone and anything that threatens him or his friends. So it is interesting to see Jasper lulled into a sense of security at Mount Weather when his instincts should be telling him that there is danger all around. However, Jasper’s instincts may be correct, the threat is not to him and his friends — yet. So as Jasper pursues his heart and wonders if Mount Weather is truly “Heaven on Earth,” we watch to see what his newly finely-honed instincts tell him next. Will he sense the duplicity in Wallace (Raymond Barry) and the Mount Weather folk? Will it lead Jasper to seek out what really happened to Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and will it save him before it is too late?

In an exclusive interview, star Devon Bostick talked about what is next in Jasper’s world of hope, illusion and danger.

Things look like they be heating up for everyone in this next episode. So what’s up for Jasper in this week’s episode “Human Trials”?
DEVON: Some crazy things coming up. There’s going to be something traumatic — well, there’s always something traumatic. Then some more truths are going to be revealed. Weird things are going to happen at Mount Weather, and it’s not going to seem as much like heaven on Earth as it is pretty much like Hell.

So Jasper might start to see behind the mask of Mount Weather’s function and what they actually do there?
DEVON: Yes, below the “icing on the cake.”

Where is Jasper’s head at right now? He seems like he kind of wants to believe that Mount Weather was the sanctuary that he was hoping for.
DEVON: I think anyone would after what he had been through with war and the horrors of just what they dealt with landing and the Grounders and each other. It would be nice to have some peace. It’s like anything, it seems too good to be true.

But he wants the nightmare to be over, so he desperately wants to believe that it is.
DEVON: It’s hard. He’s been through a lot. He has PTSD. He almost died when almost immediately when they got to the ground. Then ever since, he has been scared of the Grounders. But he overcame that fear and they are in this new world where he has been told that it is safe. It is a nice feeling, but it is hard when your best friend seems to be going crazy, but it is just really finding out the awful truth of the mountain that you think is Heaven.

At this point, Clarke has been missing for a bit. Is Jasper starting to wonder what happened to Clarke? Or is he just grateful that she is not bugging him right now?
DEVON: Oh yeah. He’s wondering what’s going on with Clarke and he is going to try to confront that and, from there, he might be told more lies or believe what he will. But it’s a difficult place. He’s in a place where everyone is telling him different things. So it is hard to know who to believe.

What’s going on with Jasper and Maya? It seemed like there is a romance about to blossom there. Is that going to keep going forward?
DEVON: I think so! Team Romance. ‘Tis the season, right? Maya has been so nice to him. He is so happy to have someone to be there and to have fun with and enjoy the mountain since she is showing him all the good sides. That will blossom and I think we will see how much Jasper cares about her in this next episode. But also, it is hard to know who to trust or what is really going on. She is still yet a mountain man.

Jasper kind of discovered his inner warrior in the first season. I cannot imagine him forsaking that completely.
DEVON: I think that is still in him and a lot of the 47. It’s just repressed because they are in such a nice place and they were told certain things. Not the truth, but he’s still got a little ninja still inside him ready to come out when the going gets rough.

Jasper may trust Maya and is falling in love with Maya, but what does he think of Wallace? That character has to seem a little off to Jasper.
DEVON: Wallace has been a bit off, but he has also been like the father-figure. He’s walking around and he’s so nice to people. He says he is just trying to tell the truth. But he’s saying things that Jasper and the 47 won’t want to hear, which may not be the truth. It’s hard to know where Wallace stands. He has just been so kind to Jasper, so there is no reason to feel otherwise. But I think there will be some suspicion soon.

It also seems like Jasper has an inquisitive side. Jasper might want to believe these people, but he also really wants to see what is going on. Are Jasper and Monty (Christopher Larkin) going to scheme something up to find out what the truth may be?
DEVON: At a certain point, if they ever do find out, actions must be taken. They will not just sit by.

This season is supposed to be about reunions and we were promised reunions this season. So who should we hope to see Jasper reunited with?
DEVON: The big reunions for me were with the parents, like Clarke and her mom, and Clarke and Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Bellamy (Bob Morley), and a lot of the hundred. Families finding each other. And also the 47 with the hundred because they had become so close through all the awful and good times they had last season. For me, Jasper’s biggest reunion was with Monty this year. That was the reunion. I don’t even know where Jasper’s parents are or if he has any. That might cool if he did. And it would be great to see Clarke again and to be able to tell her, “I’m sorry.” After all, she was right. So that would be a good thing.

Because Jasper was the first victim of the hundred on Earth, it would seem that he would be the most wary of any kind of indigenous life on the planet. But he also seems like he was the one who most wanted to believe that things were better living amongst the Mount Weather folk.
DEVON: But that’s all relative because of all the awful things he endured. He almost died, then he had a second chance at life and he was neurotic about it because he was afraid of dying. But then he grew courage and learned to be a warrior like everyone else. And now, it is easy to fall back into the comforts of cake and a bed. You can’t be a warrior all the time — unless you’re Clarke.

So what about that cake scene? How many takes did you have to do for that scene?
DEVON: Oh my gosh! So many times. So much cake; so much pie. I’ve got to say that was a much more mental and physical work-out than running through the woods for me ’cause afterwards my stomach was feeling all kinds of new things. When I do eating scenes, I don’t really use the spit-bucket. I just kind of go for it eating-wise. I don’t mind eating and it tastes good. But after a while, that stuff is just so rich, it’s hard.

Of all the groups on Earth, which do you think Jasper would be the safest with?
DEVON: That’s tough. Right now, it seems like the Mountain Men, but it also seems like there are way worse things up there that he doesn’t know about. So, obviously, his own people: the Sky People. I think they look after each other and they all have each other’s backs which ever way it goes down. There will conflict, but I think his own people — the Sky People — who he knows and who he loves. That’s his family.

Yeah, but after they just shot Clarke in last week’s episode, it doesn’t seem like we should be so sure about them either.
DEVON: (Laughs) I know! Safety-wise, right now, Mount Weather. But you never know. Things are constantly changing on the show. There’s a monster in all these guys.

To see more of the blossoming romance between Jasper and Maya and whether things change dramatically once Jasper starts to figure out what Mount Weather is really up to, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of THE 100 on Wednesday, November 19th at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.

"The 100"
“The 100”
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