RightThisMinute: Discovering What Is Happening Right Now In Our World Through Viral Videos (2014)


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a television show that culled through the millions of daily videos posted on YouTube to showcase the ones truly worthy of our time and attention? Lucky for us, someone created just such a show. The folks behind RightThisMinute, The Viral Video Show, decided to take all the videos that average folks were posting from around the world to find the best of the best to share with their audience.

No matter how broad or obscure your interest, RightThisMinute is sure to have just what you are looking for. They curate viral videos that range from a wide variety of cute pets and wild-life antics to the truly terrifying and bizarre things that exist in the natural world around us. They also find the hottest trends in video entertainment, whether it be flash-mobs or clueless criminals caught on camera — for, in the world as we know it, there is always a security camera or a smart-phone just waiting to capture the latest and greatest from the real world we live in. In addition, because they are not constrained by national boundaries, viral videos are just a click away — and RightThisMinute is delighted to share all their favorites with their fans.

YouTube estimates that 6 billion videos are uploaded to their site every month. That is approximately 20 million videos every day. So just how does one find what is worthy of a person’s time and attention with that many videos to sift through and watch every day? The five ambitious and dedicated co-hosts at RightThisMinute make it their daily job to find those elusive, yet so rewarding viral videos. They are not just looking for the cutest video or most outrageous video, they are looking for something that is attention-worthy. They know everyone’s time is precious and they want to make their television show as relevant and entertaining as possible. They also know that what is newsworthy and interesting today may change in seconds or minutes and, by tomorrow, it just may be outdated. So RightThisMinute typically airs twice a day in most local television broadcast markets and even hosts weekend shows. That is how they ensure keeping up with a world that is changing day to day and feeling confident that they have found the perfect blend of relevant and entertaining viral videos worthy of their show.

In addition to using their television show to feature their daily viral video finds, RightThisMinute also promotes their viral video treasures at their website, just in case their fans missed one or two during their daily broadcast. One thing is guaranteed: what RightThisMinute has found will surprise you, delight you and make you wonder what they will find next. Let your curiosity take you to new heights, new adventures and explore our world as seen through the lens of those who captured it on video — join the RightThisMinute team as they explore with for you and with you.

Currently, RightThisMinute airs Monday through Fridays (check your local times and listings) with co-hosts Beth Troutman, Christian Vera, Gayle Bass, Nick Calderone and Oli Pettigrew.  You can check out their hottest selection of viral videos by watching their daily show or catching up online at their website (LINK: www.rightthisminute.com).  They also love to hear from viewers and fans on Twitter at: @RightThisMinute, so be sure to give them a shout-out there. (As a reminder, for those in the New York City area, be sure to watch RightThisMinute at NOON on FOX5.)

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