HAVEN: Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose Tease ‘Pancakes,’ Hot Lovin’, and True Love’s Kiss for Mara (2014)


With the Season 4 finale of HAVEN dropping one last bombshell on fans with Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) vanishing right before their eyes and her former persona Mara taking over, fans have been anxiously clutching at their hearts during this long hiatus to find out whether Audrey is gone for good.

After all, fans waited many years for those fun lovin’ scenes of Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey enjoying some quality alone time and a chance to make “pancakes” together. Season 4 definitely provided some sexy time and lots of loving moments. Alas, it felt all too short-lived and now we are all wondering if the days of “pancakes” are long gone.


In an exclusive interview, star Lucas Bryant provided a little more insight and a bunch of hilarious teasers for fans to ponder whether there is the chance of any “pancakes” in Season 5.

You got the fans interested when you said there may or may not be some “pancakes” and some lovin’ going on. Can you elaborate a little bit about who might be involved with some of this romance? It seems like they really do not have time for romance.
LUCAS: I can say, it may or may not involve me, and it may or may not involve someone else — and it may or may not involve not me, and or other people. Is that cryptic enough for you? (Laughs) I can’t tell you anything.

Do they even have time for it? I think on their timetable that they don’t have time to mess around with personal relationships.
LUCAS: (Laughs) No. No one has any time for that — even in real life, do we? But still, it happens ’cause that’s just life. Let me say this, as far as “pancakes” go, there will definitely be some appearances of “pancakes” in this season. As far as how — if we’re using “pancakes” as a metaphor for love — there may be a little something for everyone.

So love is going to make an appearance one way or another throughout this season.
LUCAS: Definitely, love makes an appearance.

One of the things that occurred to me is that Nathan is the kind of guy who will do anything to get back the woman he loves. Is he going to try to sneak a kiss in to try to stir something in Mara?
LUCAS: That’s interesting. I would say that there is nothing that Nathan won’t do if he thinks it will bring Audrey back.

So he might try a seduction route to see if that sparks something.
LUCAS: I think there is some credit to your theory. I can’t say whether or not the writers agree, but I definitely think there’s something to that.


Then from the previous press conference call, both Lucas and Emily Rose shed a bit of light on the “pancakes” situation by sharing these fun teasers as well:

Will there be the possibility of Nathan and Mara making “pancakes” together this season?
EMILY: (Laughs) Well, you did make those “pancakes” last season.
LUCAS: Right. Well, there is some more “steam” this season. Specifically, I’m not going to tell you who it is between, but I will tell you there is “steam” — there is “heat” — there is residual “steam” that comes from that “heat” exchange.
EMILY: (Laughs) There is a lot of “steam,” and a lot of different combinations of “steam” between different people.

But would Audrey be able to forgive Nathan if he made “pancakes” with her alter-identity, Mara?
EMILY: Well, Nathan made “pancakes” with Sarah
LUCAS: Whoa, now, that never happened.
EMILY: That did happen.
LUCAS: Not “pancakes.”
EMILY: What then? Waffles? What did they have in the 1950’s?
LUCAS: (Laughs) I’m just gonna shut up.
EMILY: (Laughs) Yeah, you do that.
LUCAS: I will say that if Nathan were to make “pancakes” with Mara there would be a really good reason.
EMILY: (Laughs) A really good “reason” — that’s what they all say!

To find out if the “pancakes” strategy ever comes to fruition and whether it does provide a “true love’s kiss” type cure for bringing Audrey back, fans will just have to breathlessly watch every second of Season 5 to find out. HAVEN returns with all new episodes starting Thursday, September 11th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. (And because HAVEN is now airing on a new night, it looks like HAVEN fans will have many reasons to say “thank God it’s Thursday” this Fall.)

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