RECKLESS: Dana Stevens Talks the Emerging Love-Triangle and Upcoming Twists (2014)


CBS’ new drama series RECKLESS began as a tale of a city attorney butting heads with and yet impossibly charmed by the new hot-shot attorney in town. The friction and sizzle between Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) was evident from the start, but case after case seems to keep them at odds — and the fact that Jamie has a hunky detective boyfriend, Preston (Adam Rodriguez). Things got even more complicated by an politically explosive case involving a young female police officer fired from her job. Suddenly all the dirty secrets from the police department were under a microscope and one particular sex tape could bring down the entire department. Yet, as the case moves forward, things are not exactly as they appear. Evidence and stories are manipulated and manufactured, and it will be up to Jamie and Roy to dig a bit deeper to figure out what really happened.

In an exclusive interview, executive producer Dana Stevens talked about the steamy love-triangle and where the sex-tape case is headed this season.

What can you share that viewers should be paying attention to?
DANA: The case with Lee Anne Marcus [Georgina Haig], who is suing for wrongful termination and sexual harassment, is the main story that will be explored throughout the first season. RECKLESS is really a show about sexual politics and how men see it one way and women see it another way. So we keep exploring that and then we will turn in the prism so that the audience will see it through Terry’s point of view. Everybody hates Terry (Shawn Hatosy) right now, but we eventually want everyone to see it from his point of view and see Lee Anne through a different prism and go, “What’s the real story here?” Even when you do find out the real story, I hope you are still uncertain about who you are rooting for. And I hope you’re rooting for Roy and Jamie. Roy and Jamie are like the audience. They are coming in and trying to figure it all out and they are also dealing with their own sexual politics. Both of them have moral integrity, which comes from a deep-seated sense of what is right. I think that makes them more heroic characters. But we love anti-hero characters too, that are willing to go a lithe bit crazy.

Like with Adam Rodriguez’s character Preston. That was a shocker. I just want to hope and secretly suspect that there is another twist in there for him.
DANA: There’s a lot more involved. It will be fascinating to see how people react to him. From the very beginning, when we showed that video clip — there were literally gasps when people saw Adam’s character in that sex tape.

Well, that sex tape was a bit ambiguous in certain parts. It makes it hard to say what was really going on.
DANA: It was very ambiguous. It’s very much going to be a surprise.

With Preston and Jamie’s relationship on the rocks, will there be perhaps another lady-love for Preston on the horizon?
DANA: Not this season. But the entire love-triangle is going to get very intense. Jamie is really going to be pulled in two directions the whole season and it will be very sexy for her with both men — but not in an unpleasant way. Definitely, if we get a second season, we will be bringing in some new love interests. What we hope to do is in each season have a uber-case that will bring in new characters that will keep the intrigue going.

Roy and Jamie do not seem to be in a place where they can pursue a romantic relationship, particularly with Jamie coming fresh out of her relationship with Preston and Roy coming off of his divorce. So are we just going to see them do this sexy “dance” around each other this season?
DANA: (Laughs) You’ll see a little more than that. It’s a lot of fun. As the season goes along, it gets more and more romantic. Cam [Gigandet] is so dreamy. You are going to swoon. He is going to pour it on.

With episode 4 about to air, what can you tease that everyone should be on the watch for?
DANA: At the end of episode 3, Lee Anne’s house was blown up. So that has really upped the stakes for Lee Anne and Arliss [Falk Hentschel]. In the early episodes, Lee Anne has not told her husband everything that happened. So that relationship and that intensity of the kind of revenge they want after the house being blown up is coming up. And Jamie and Roy have a case coming up where they have to work together. They also may have to betray each other. Then Jamie is also going to resolve a few things about Preston, for the moment. So she is going to start feeling a sense of freedom and that ante is going to be up. Episode 4 is a really good episode. It’s very juicy.

For Shawn’s character Terry, when will we start to see a different side of him?
DANA: Also in episode 4, you’ll meet Terry’s father, played by David Keith, and that character becomes an interesting part of the story. So in episode 5, you’ll start thinking, “What is Terry all about?”

So there might be a little hope for Terry?
DANA: I think so. I love Shawn Hatosy. I have to tell you, in my original planning of the show, his character was going to get killed off. But I liked Shawn so much that I couldn’t kill him off. He is such a fantastic actor. When he came on to the set and shot his first scene, it was like we all got struck by lightning. He has so much energy and he’s so sexy. He is just such a great actor, like the choices that he makes and all the things that go on in his face for each scene. Also coming up, Terry and Preston are going to start getting involved in a very dangerous situation. So they have an interesting storyline coming up where they have to work together.

Jamie and Roy seem like such kindred spirits. Is there really a chance for them this season?
DANA: They are and by the end of the season you’re going to really want them together. But there are definitely some obstacles that are in the way that they will have to deal with.

To see if there is a chance for love to bloom between Jamie and Roy, and the real story of what Terry and Preston are up to, be sure to tune in for all new episodes of RECKLESS on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

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