HEMLOCK GROVE: Prosthetic supervisor Patrick Baxter Teases Tattoos and Blood in Season 2 (2014)

"Hemlock Grove"
“Hemlock Grove”

The Netflix horror series HEMLOCK GROVE won over audiences last year with its willingness to embrace its horror roots and depict the gore that can be found when there are werewolves and vampires living amongst an unsuspecting community. And no horror series would ever been complete without a healthy dose of blood, guts and gore.

One of the people responsible for making HEMLOCK GROVE look as realistic as possible is prosthetics supervisor Patrick Baxter, who took a few minutes to briefly talk with press on the set about some of what he is working on in Season 2.

So what kinds of fun things have they had you create for this season?
PATRICK: Madeline Brewer’s character is a graphic artist and she has two full sleeves and her entire back covered in all these tattoos. It’s usually takes an hour and a half to put her through all these transfers that we use. All the tattoos have been designed by Masters FX. It’s Todd Masters’ company. Todd’s company also does some of the digital effects for the show.

What have you created for the werewolf transformations?
PATRICK: We have a full back prosthetic and we have some bladder effects under that. This show is largely practical effects and the digital effects complement it.

Can you describe some of the prosthetics you have created for Roman’s transformations this season?
PATRICK: I don’t think I’m at liberty to talk about that.

Would you say that this season be a bloodier season than last season?
PATRICK: I wish you were here last Thursday! The floor boards downstairs have a lot of blood on them. Next to “Evil Dead,” last Thursday was the most amount of blood I’ve ever seen at one time. It was pretty incredible. Everything has been amped this season on every level. There’s a maturity in this season, a little more so this season than last season.

To find out more about those mysterious tattoos and just where all that blood is coming from in Season 2, be sure to tune in on Friday, July 11th when the entire second season of HEMLOCK GROVE will be available for binge-viewing on Netflix.

(Editor’s note: Special thanks goes to Netflix which made this interview possible with a sponsored trip to the set of “Hemlock Grove.”)

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