UNDER THE DOME: Season 2 Returns With More Shocking Deaths, More Discoveries and More Unexpected Alliances (2014)

"Under the Dome"
“Under the Dome”

Season 1 of UNDER THE DOME was certainly full of shocks and surprises, and when it returns for Season 2, it certainly delivers on those heightened expectations. And when the show says that no one is safe, it means it. Look for another major character death to start the season off with a heart-breaking jolt. Also revealed right away will be another neat trick of the dome. Just when the residents of Chester’s Mill thought they had figured out all that the dome can do, the dome proves it still has a trick or two to reveal.

So what exactly is the dome? Is it an entity of its own or is it a tool of unknown origin? Given everything that it has done so far, it is beginning to look more and more like the dome itself is a living, breathing entity — and perhaps of alien origin. Since this is a Stephen King story, the possibility of alien life is actually not that far-fetched. How else can one explain it?

Season 1 may have been about figuring out how to survival under the dome, but Season 2 is about figuring out what exactly is the dome. That may be the crucial element to everyone’s survival. If it is an alien entity, how do they appease it get it to release them. Or is there something bigger at play and there is a specific reason the dome chose Chester’s Mill? It will be up to the surviving heroes to figure it out before each and every one of them meets an unfortunate and untimely death.

Last season it seemed as if the residents of Chester’s Mill were being picked off one by one — yet usually at their own hands. The fear and uncertainty, along with acute sense of self-survival, the residents were quick to allow their darker natures surface and run amuck. Was that the first test? To see who would reveal themselves as a threat first and then be weeded out by the dome? But then what about those who were innocent victims of the violence? Were they just unfortunate collateral damage?

For Barbie, Julia, Big Jim, Junior, Linda, Joe, Norrie, and Angie, they are not looking to be selected by the dome or even to be heroes. They just want to survive and get out and put this nightmare behind them. Yet with the death-toll rising and everyone’s darker sides coming to the surface in unexpected ways, perhaps there is no escape. Does the dome have a lesson for them all and it does not mean “living happily ever after”?

Only one thing is guaranteed for Season 2 — there are more deaths coming. Be prepared.

Season 2 of UNDER THE DOME premieres on Monday, June 30th at 10:00 p.m. on CBS.

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