RECKLESS: Crooked Cops, Sizzling Solicitors, and Steaming Hot Intrigue in the Deep South (2014)


In a world where southern hospitality, southern gentlemen and southern belles seemed to be the way of life, CBS’ new drama series RECKLESS seeks to expose another side of life in the South. Nestled amongst the picturesque town of Charleston, South Carolina and behind those polished wood doors and underneath the fine linen clothing lies a very sexy world where justice and the justice-system collide.

Facing off on opposite sides of the legal system are Roy Rayder (Cam Gigandet) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood). Roy is the local golden boy and newly appointed City Attorney with a long family history in Charleston and Jamie is a fresh-face attorney who just moved from Chicago. Roy may be coming out of a disastrous marriage and Jamie has managed to score herself a hot young thing right out of the police force, but the sexual tension between Roy and Jamie is hot enough for everyone standing nearby to feel their sparks.

Fleshing out their world are a hot-headed, devil-may-care cop, Terry McCandless (Shawn Hatosy), whose personal life and professional life is so intertwined that the blurred lines lands him in scalding water on every front, and detective Preston Cruz (Adam Rodriguez) who also finds himself caught up in events out of his control before he can blink. Fortunately, Preston has a caught the eye of a very lucky lady and that may help keep him on the path of the straight and narrow. The bad news for Terry is that his fling with a fellow officer leads to a sexual harassment case — especially when a doctored sex tape is found and its contents threaten to take down the entire police department. At the heart of a sex scandal is Officer Lee Ann Marcus (Georgina Haig), whose sexual escapades lead everyone to wonder how much of her claims of harassment are true and how did she contributed herself.

Each episode will feature the case-of-the-week where Roy and Jamie strive to one-up the other and show that they have the legal prowess necessary to conquer and represent Charleston’s illustrious and well-heeled townsfolk. But the case everyone will be tuning in for during the 7-episodes for the first season will be Lee Ann’s case and finding out just what really happened that led to her abrupt dismissal from the police department.

While RECKLESS will showcase both the genteel side and the steamier side of life in Charleston, it also seeks to reveal all the dirty little secrets that seem to lie beneath the surface — and no one is safe. Everyone has a secret or two that they want left buried and Roy and Jamie’s crusade to vilify and vindicate Lee Ann may reveal more on both sides than anyone wants.

Life in the Deep South is full of sex, steaminess, and secrets — and they all too frequently go hand-in-hand.

To find out just what everyone is hiding, be sure to tune in for the premiere of RECKLESS on Sunday, June 29th at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.


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