MAJOR CRIMES: Tony Denison Previews Another Flynn/Provenza Caper And Whether Love Is In the Air (2014)

"Major Crimes"
“Major Crimes”

Long time fans of MAJOR CRIMES and its predecessor series THE CLOSER are familiar with how every once in a while a crime comes along that has a bit more of a funny-streak than one would expect from a show that addresses hard-core crimes in society today. These Flynn/Provenza episodes have quickly become fan-favorites and for this next episode entitled “Frozen Assets,” MAJOR CRIMES is treating fans with another wacky adventure stemming from a murder — but in this case it is the murder of a dog. Just imagine how both Flynn (Tony Denison) and Provenza (G.W. Bailey) are going to react to that!

In an exclusive interview, star Tony Denison talks about the fun of these special Flynn/Provenza adventures, as well as the possible blossoming romance between Flynn and Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell).

What is the greatest thing about these adventures of Flynn and Provenza?
TONY: Any time there’s an opportunity for G.W. and I to go off the reservation a little bit, it’s always well-received by our fans. A good thing about a lot of the Flynn/Provenza episodes is that the rest of the cast has an active part to play in it as well. Flynn and Provenza might be at the forefront of it, but it’s definitely a group effort. Even in the fan-favorite episode “Skybox Tickets,” everybody in the squad had an active part to play. So it’s a lot of fun for everybody when those episodes come along.

Is there anything in particular you can tease about “Frozen Assets”?
TONY: In one of the prior Flynn/Provenza episodes in the past, there was a character who showed up and it again involved the whole squad. So this one character shows up again in this week’s episode and he is the generator of the mayhem that ensues. He actually calls them directly, but they have no idea who it is because he uses his real name and they don’t know who that is.

Where did these special Flynn/Provenza cases come from originally?
TONY: It started way back when James [Duff] decided he would write an episode where Flynn and Provenza find a dead body in his garbage, and a result of that episode and the success and popularity of it, everybody just started looking forward to these episodes. We get two or three of them a year, which is wonderful.

You had also hinted at previously that Andy Flynn may have led his family to believe that he was closer to Sharon than he really is. So how does that play out this season?
TONY: Whatever course it is taking, it’s taking a very thoughtful course. A lot of times in interoffice relationships, some of them happen right away and some of them sort of evolve over a period of time. So they seem to be evolving over a period of time. When exactly they are going to wind up in a relationship, I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know that let’s say for example if in episode 12, Sharon and Andy were to go on a date and kiss. Because if I know that as an actor, I’m anticipating it and then stuff I might do in episode 10 might be to telegraph it by an extra look to her, because it’s human nature. So if I don’t know, when I’m looking at her in each scene and we’re playing again one another, then I don’t know what’s going to happen. Like last week we were filming episode 7 and there’s a scene where as I’m leaving, I just sort of turn back and smile at her. So who knows. I don’t know how or when it unfolds, but clearly Andy’s already said, “I sort of gave my family the impression there’s more there.” So now it’s a question of: was he saying that because he wishes there was more there, or there is more there?

The other storyline we’re seeing play out this season is Rusty’s (Graham Patrick Martin) mom is back and she’s now in rehab. Since Andy has gone through rehab himself, is he going to want to weigh in on the fact that she’s back?
TONY: There’s going to be some interplay regarding that in this next episode. Andy gets involved because he is a recovered alcoholic, so there is some interplay between Andy and Rusty on that particular issue. It’s good stuff. It’s not always about running out and solving the latest crime.

To see what kind of rabbit-hole caper Flynn and Provenza find themselves stumbling into in this next episode “Frozen Assets,” be sure to tune in on Monday, June 23rd at 9:00 p.m. on TNT.

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