THE NIGHT SHIFT: Scott Wolf, Freddy Rodriguez, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey Jr. and Jeananne Goossen Dish on Their Hot New Medical Drama (2014)

"The Night Shift"
“The Night Shift”

One would imagine that working in an emergency room that life would be orderly, clean and would strictly follow rules and guidelines so as to not endanger patients. But life even in the E.R. is messy, complicated and rules have to be bent or broken just to save lives. Doctors, nurses, administrators, and all necessary staff that populate a hospital E.R. have to find interesting and creative ways to navigate the demands of their jobs and the realities of the world they work in.

Everyone from the new trauma surgeon who has his first day on the job to an experienced surgeon looking to hone his skills to a psychiatrist called into to consult has to find a way to work in the chaos. Personal feelings, relationships, fears and insecurities, and egos all have to be set aside. Saving lives requires a level of dedication and commitment to those who come in looking for care. Miracles may be sought and somehow the E.R. doctors, nurses and crew find a way to make those miracles a reality.

In the new NBC drama series THE NIGHT SHIFT, it highlights the unique pace of life in an E.R. along with the even more unique personalities drawn to such an environment.

In exclusive video interviews, co-stars Scott Wolf, Freddy Rodriguez, Daniella Alonso, Robert Bailey Jr. and Jeananne Goossen talked about their characters and the unique qualities that make those characters essential and valued members of a medical team in THE NIGHT SHIFT:

Scott Wolf portrays a trauma surgeon, also named Scott, that follows his fiancé to San Antonio Memorial and finds himself inadvertently drawn into their special world.

Freddy Rodriguez portrays Michael Rigosa, the head of the hospital who needs to find a way to make sure the E.R. starts cutting back on its expenses before its doors are permanently closed due to budget constraints.

Daniella Alonso portrays Dr. Landry De La Cruz, the hospital psychiatrist who has fallen under T.C.’s spell.

Robert Bailey, Jr. portrays Paul Cummings, a new doctor who is literally on his first day on the job and has to learn quickly how to work amongst the E.R. craziness.

Jeananne Goossen portrays Christa, a first year resident looking to sharpen her trauma skills and learn only from the very best.

All these characters lives intersect in THE NIGHT SHIFT and yet discover the joy and pride that comes from performing miracles every day — yet for mere humans, even miracles may come at a price.

The cast feels confident viewers are going to fall under the spell of THE NIGHT SHIFT. The characters care so deeply and so passionately, and yet there are wondrous moments of levity melded in. It will be a show that draw you back week after week just to see what amazing thing they do next.

As guest direct Eric La Salle advised Danielle, “Make dangerous choices; don’t make safe choices — always make a dangerous choice.” In life, risks have to be taken to live extraordinary lives. THE NIGHT SHIFT shows how incredible life can be when you do.

THE NIGHT SHIFT premieres Tuesday, May 27th at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. (Editor’s note: Special thanks goes to NBC Universal Television Group which made this interview possible with a sponsored trip to the set of “The Night Shift.”)

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