Advice to Stargazers re STAR-CROSSED Cancellation (2014)



UPDATED (5/20/14):  On May 19, 2014, I had an opportunity to talk directly with CBS TV Studios President David Stapf at the CBS Summer Soiree and ask about whether there is a future for “Star-Crossed” with CBS, perhaps as a summer show in 2015 to go with its current genre programming “Extant” and “Under the Dome.”  Mr. Stapf said that CBS had given “Star-Crossed” its shot on the CW and the show had not pulled in the number of viewers they had hoped for and it did not make sense to continue the series since it had proven to not be as profitable as expected.  When I then asked if the fans should have any hope that there may be a future for the series, he stated CBS had no plans to continue the “Star-Crossed” series and that fans should not expect it to continue.

FURTHER UPDATED (5/20/14):  Creator/executive producer Meredith Averill is providing an exclusive interview to talk about what would have happened in Season 2 of “Star-Crossed” should the series have continued.  Reporter Jean Bentley will post that interview hopefully later this week.

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“RIP STAR-CROSSED: Creator Meredith Averill Shares Her Thoughts on Life After Cancellation”

My STORIFY Tweets:  The end of the road for “Star-Crossed” — Season 2 not being ordered by CBS.


(NOTE:  The remainder of this article is now out-dated. I am appreciative of all the “Star-Crossed” fans who worked so hard to tweet, trend and get CBS’ attention.  It was great to see the global enthusiasm and dedication of the fans.)

Posted 5/14/14:

To clarify a few things, I have copied my tweets from May 13th to here to make it somewhat clearer what I was talking about for the “Star-Crossed” fans:


Random #StarCrossed thought: since @CBS owns show, why not think about running it as a summer TV show like #UnderTheDome. It would work.

With the major TV networks proclaiming that they are offering year-round programming, would love to see more genre being offered in summer.
With @CBS launching #Extant and Season 2 of #UnderTheDome, it clearly wants to corner sci-fi genre for summer. Let’s add #StarCrossed S2.
#Stargazers, should be challenging @CBS to bring back #StarCrossed S2 for summer series to add to their growing sci-fi #UnderTheDome #Extant
CBS already has 2 of the top-rated sci-fi shows on television right now with #PersonOfInterest & #UndertheDome. Adding #StarCrossed good fit
I’d be cool with Atrian Invasion as an alternate name or maybe #StarCrossed: Alien Invasion. Now if only @CBS would order S2
Since @CBS has been trying so hard to try to reach younger demo/viewers, adding #StarCrossed S2 would be perfect with its young fanbase.
Netflix already passed on picking up #StarCrossed.
Netflix passed on #StarCrossed and bunch other shows that got canceled last week.
People do what they want. But no sense pushing towards Netflix once they’ve passed. #StarCrossed
No, Netflix officially passed on #StarCrossed. Not a rumor.
You must have missed all the tweets. Netflix passed on #StarCrossed already as of last Friday.
#StarCrossed officially not picked up for Season 2 by CW. So renewal is not an option. Wish it was.
CW already declined to pick up #StarCrossed for S2. So that’s dead-end. CBS is parent company and owns show.
Warner Bros. is the competition. They will not help with #StarCrossed S2.
CBS and Warners each own 50% of CW. CBS and Warner’s not same company. Competitors. #StarCrossed
Warner Bros. not tied to CBS. Just tweet @CBS and @CBSTVStudios, they own #StarCrossed.
CBS last chance. So make them aware how much you want S2 of #StarCrossed.
@CBS owns #StarCrossed. They don’t make money if show just dies. Easier to promote show with established audience. Send tweets
CBS only chance for #StarCrossed right now since they own the show, and CW/Netflix passed on S2
Gotta tell @CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBSTweet @CBSIntlTweet that #StarCrossed S2 would make excellent addition Summer 2015 for CBS’s sci-fi slate
Hey @WilliamShatner don’t you think @CBS should pickup #StarCrossed S2 to join #UndertheDome #Extant as summer shows?Make strong scifi brand
RT @WilliamShatner  It’s too late to pick up a summer show. It would have to be a mid season replacement for next season if they did.
.@WilliamShatner @CBS – Next summer would be fantastic. Plenty of time to film for S2 of #StarCrossed. Fans would be there waiting for it
RT @WilliamShatner: Gang you have 3 different hashtags to save a show? No network exec is going to look at 3 tags. You need to consolidate.’
RT @WilliamShatner: How about Save #StarCrossed or Renew #StarCrossed or Season 2 of #StarCrossed
Per @WilliamShatner’s advice, #Stargazers you need to stick with just one Twitter hashtag.Recommend stick with #StarCrossed to get attention
Tweets still matter. So feel free to tweet your heart out for #StarCrossed.
Trending is not the goal. Don’t pick time, just start tweeting and don’t stop. #StarCrossed
Tweets, emails, go for it. @CBS needs to hear that the #StarCrossed fans will be around if they order S2
#Stargazers, if you are international make sure to mention your country in your tweets. There’s power in global tweets. #StarCrossed
Just use #StarCrossed hashtag. Simpler, more effective that way when tweeting @CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet
Currently fans sending tweets to @CBS @CBSTVStudios about picking up #StarCrossed for S2 for Summer 2015.
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: with your strong summer sci-fi programming of #UnderTheDome #Extant, #StarCrossed S2 would be great addition.
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: would love to see #StarCrossed S2 added to your summer programming of #UnderTheDome and #Extant. Perfect fit.
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: Fans of #StarCrossed are ready and willing to wait til Summer of 2015 for Season 2 to allow show time to film
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: impressed with all the genre shows your network offering right now — #PersonOfInterest #UnderTheDome #Extant
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: Adding #StarCrossed S2 to your programming would only bring in wonderful devoted young fanbase for Summer ’15
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: the #StarCrossed fans appreciate your consideration. A 2nd season would be a gift and one that is appreciated
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: global viewership/fanbase of #StarCrossed growing every day as more countries get chance to watch show.
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: by Summer 2015, #StarCrossed fans globally will be a sizeable, profitable audience for show, if given chance.
.@CBS @CBSTVStudios @CBStweet: Sci-fi fans loving all genre shows CBS offering, #PersonOfInterest #UndertheDome, let’s add #StarCrossed S2
These tweets I posted to CBS are good examples of the type of tweets the “Star-Crossed” fans should be tweeting.  Be clear, be polite, and hopefully it will get some positive attention and consideration.
I hope this helps.

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  1. Great article! Found I didn’t know a thing about the relationship between CW, CBS, & WB. I bought Season 1 on iTunes. Heartbroken this great, great show has been cancelled. I’m joining my Stargazer friends tweeting to CBS. The ending of Star-Crossed was beyond impressive with all those Warships coming to Earth!! If that doesn’t scream SciFi, I don’t what does?! The Captain was so cool looking. Pray CBS will #SaveSciFi and #StarCrossed. Thank you!

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