ORPHAN BLACK Redux: The Surprising End to the Search for Kira and Mrs. S (2014)

"Orphan Black"
“Orphan Black”
In last week’s episode “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion,” Cosima got a new lab, Alison went to a funeral, Helena got a new home, and Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) continued her hot pursuit of her missing daughter Kira (Skyler Wexler). But in the end, only one clone was really happy with the results.

When Kira first went missing, we feared that the search for her would take an entire season, so it was a great relief that this past episode finally reunited Sarah and Kira, and briefly Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). For after quickly ascertaining that Rachel had been bluffing when she said she had Kira, Sarah got right back on track in searching for Kira; and, fortunately, that search ended up not being that long as Kira was only being in used in bait to lure Sarah into a Prolethian trap — unbeknownst to Mrs. S, who simply thought her friends were helping her and Kira escape the country. But like usual, everyone underestimates Sarah. The second she had a chance, Sarah grabbed Kira and high-tailed it away from the so-called safehouse. She is also mighty lucky that Mrs. S proved to be on her side and could wield kitchen utensils and a shotgun in such a handy, lethal fashion. But with Sarah, Kira and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) making a hasty exit out of town, where does that leave everyone else?

Things did not look so good for Sarah’s twin clone, Helena, who was still recovering from being shot – thank goodness her heart was on the right-side and not the left. Unfortunately, Brother Tomas (Daniel Kash) also met his maker in an unexpected, quick fashion as his co-conspirator religious zealots ended up killing him so they could use Helena for their own weird experiments. But knowing Helena, she’s not going to play guinea-pig to some religious cult for very long. She’s the clone without any qualms about taking lives – it is after all the only purpose she is fit for as she was raised to be an assassin and killing people is second nature to her. So one has to pity those poor Proletheans who may not see psycho in their midst coming.

Also facing a tightening noose as her world collapses around her is Alison. After verifying that her initial suspicions of her husband Donny (Kristian Bruun) were proved correct, and that she had let her best friend Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska) die for no reason, Alison is quickly unraveling. Everyone may just think she cheated on her husband with Aynsley’s husband, but the truth is actually a whole lot worse. Plus, Donny now is worried that Alison maybe back onto him as her monitor and that relationship is going to be a bit rocky and friction-filled from now on as they dance around each other waiting to see what each will do. A word to the wise for Donny, Alison will kill you if she feels too threatened. Being the father of her children will not even give her a second worth of pause about it either.

Then Cosima is desperate in her own way too. She’s contracted the same mysterious illness that has killed at least one other clone and she is in a race against time to diagnose herself and find a cure before it’s too late. But a virtual prisoner in the outdated lab that Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) and the Neolutionists provided, Cosima feels the walls closing in around her too. Plus, can she ever really trust her love Delphine (Evelyne Brochu), who still seems to be working for the Neolutionists? Adding to Cosima’s claustrophobia world is Rachel, who saw fit to make her presence known to Cosima and just how much she controls Cosima’s life in and out of the lab.

So many clones, so little time to run and hide. But with both the Proletheans and the Neolutionists determined to control the clones, is there any place safe to hide? Even Mrs. S looked shaken to the core that her friends were so easily bought out and gave her up to the Proletheans; and Sarah, Kira and Felix cannot get very far on whatever mere money they managed to scrap together before bailing town.

Then who is to say that Art’s partner Ang (Inga Cadranel) will not become a bigger problem as she is clearly not dropping the investigation into the fact that Beth, Katya, Sarah, Alison and now Helena all look like identical twins. The clone angle just has not registered with her yet. But now that Art knows the truth, and is trying to keep Ang off the clones’ scent, something is bound to come out sooner or later.

Getting in the best scene as usual was Felix, as he cheekily showed off his naked bum while painting the portraits of an equally undressed friend at his loft. It is always a wonder that Felix feels calm and collected enough to go about his everyday life like everything is normal while all the clones’ lives are erupting all around him. Simultaneously, it is great was how fast Felix was ready to ditch his life and make the great escape with Sarah and Kira upon a moment’s notice. That’s love for you. Felix is the brother/uncle everyone should have.

To see how far Sarah, Kira and Felix actually make it before getting caught back up in the tug-of-war between the Proletheans and the Neolutionists, be sure to tune in for this week’s new episode of ORPHAN BLACK, “Mingling It’s Own Nature With It,” airing Saturday, May 3rd at 9:00 p.m. on BBC America.

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