REIGN Preview: ‘Higher Ground’ – Uncertainty, Unwelcome Guests, and Undue Worry Plague the French Court (2014)


In this week’s new episode of REIGN, intrigue abounds inside the castle walls while a ferocious war is fought in Calais. When last seen, Francis (Toby Regbo) was accompanying Mary’s uncle to Calais in order to fortify the French troops against the English, and Mary (Adalaide Kane) vowed to find another way to aid her mother who was in desperate need of either troops or funds in order to secure her position in Scotland.

Then with Mary’s maids, Greer (Celina Sinden) had just accepted Lord Castleroy’s (Michael Therriault) marriage proposal, Lola (Anna Popplewell) had married Lord Julien (Giacomo Giannotti), and Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) and Bash (Torrance Coombs) had consummated their arranged marriage.

As for Queen Catherine (Megan Follows), she was busily trying to keep the kingdom from find out that King Henry (Alan VanSprang) had gone mad, while Francis worked to ensure that the French troops were not slaughtered fighting a larger army.

With both the French and the Scottish kingdoms in peril, it is imperative for both Mary and Francis to come to their countrymen’s aid quickly. Yet with Francis stealing Mary’s army and uncertain to reach the French/English battle in time, it looks as if both kingdoms are on the brink of collapsing. Unable to stand by and do nothing, Mary resorts to extreme measures to get exactly what she needs to help her mother and her country. But the price of her actions may be more than just a piece of her soul. It places Mary in a position where she can no longer judge Catherine for her questionable ethics and tactics to secure her crown and kingdom.

Then Francis is also put in a position that an heir apparent should not be placed in — having to deny his royal blood and risk his life for his countrymen. It does however earn him more respect from his troops and if his outrageous plan succeeds, it just may win the war.

Back at home, Bash frets over not being able to go and fight at Francis’ side, but with both the Dauphine and the King away, someone must stay behind to keep lookout after the women at the castle; though if King Henry and Francis actually knew their wives a little better, they would not worry one bit. The lengths Catherine and Mary will go to to protect what is theirs is downright scary.

Then in matters of the heart, Lola is getting close to her due date and frets over her uneasy pregnancy and a husband who seems to be unable to tell her what is going on with him. Luckily, Kenna knows a thing or two about people who have secrets and pushes Bash to find out what the real story with Lord Julien is to help ease Lola’s worries.

Finally, there is a newcomer to the French castle, a mysterious gentleman who seems to have business with both Mary and Catherine that cannot wait. Unfortunately, this is worst time for Catherine’s cousins to come visiting offering their unwanted opinions on the state of the kingdom. Just who will go insane first with their constant nitpicking becomes the question of the night.

To see how Mary’s creative plan to save her mother works out and if Francis’ plan to save France also succeeds, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of REIGN on Thursday, May 1st at 9:00 p.m. on the CW. Remember the one key to solving any mystery: follow the money.

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