THE TOMORROW PEOPLE: Jeffrey Pierce Talks What Happens When The Savior Wakes Up (2014)

"The Tomorrow People"
“The Tomorrow People”

It is the day that everyone has waited for: the Tomorrow People’s savior has returned. But just what will Roger (Jeffrey Pierce) do? Will he stay to fight the war with the Founder or will he want to spend a little down time with his family before running back into the battlefield again. And will John (Luke Mitchell) ever be able to forgive Roger for the trick he played in making John believe he had killed him and all those years he had to live with the gnawing guilt over it?

In an exclusive interview, star Jeffrey Pierce talked about what happens when Roger wakes up and what his first move will be to save THE TOMORROW PEOPLE.

What is the best part about portraying a character like Roger?
JEFFREY: When you’re tasked with playing the savior of the world, the best part is finding the parts that are much more shaded in gray than in white and the human parts of playing that kind of role, because nobody’s perfect. So to find the ways that he is flawed and finding his darkness with the help of Phil [Klemmer] — just Roger’s humanity and his weakness to sort of counter-balance this incredible amount of power and prowess and strength and capability, really being able to bridge that gap between those two sides was really a pleasure.

Did you get a chance to sit down with Mark Pellegrino to discuss the relationship between Jedikiah and Roger. That is one of the more complicated relationships on the show.
JEFFREY: We both came with an innate understanding of the conflicts between the two of them. I cannot speak for Mark, but it was very easy for us to sort of feel the tension between the two and also the incredible amount of love and connection that brothers have. It is a very conflicted relationship, even now as Jedikiah is sort of revealed as not the big bad guy. There’s a lot of bad and good in all of the actions that they have taken. So we knew that it was going to be complicated from the get go.

If you could pick out the one thing that you most admire about Roger, what would you say it is?
JEFFREY: I think that the willingness to be sacrificed for the greater good. I think that is an incredibly powerful attribute to have. It takes an amazing amount of courage to be willing to say, “Okay, I’ll lay down so that others may live.” It doesn’t get any better than that in any facet of humanity. So that’s an easy thing to admire and fall in love with in terms of who Roger is.

Roger was willing to do that initially, but it has been 10 years, and it seems like when he wakes up, he is kind of hesitant to step into the role of savior. Is that an internal tension he is going to wrestle with?
JEFFREY: I don’t want to give anything away, but there is a hesitancy to go right back into the fire. But I think that is still his drive. He’s torn. He is absolutely torn, but I think in ways that anybody in the role is. I have been fortunate to know and meet through different jobs that I’ve done, guys that have been firemen or guys who work in the Navy Seals, and there is certainly in the back of their head and their family on their mind when they go and do their job. But going and doing their job entails the possibility that they are never coming back. So I think that within that world, those guys know how to embrace their family when they are right in them and the moments that are right in front of them know that tomorrow it might not be there. So I think that Roger is in that place as he first comes back around — the need to experience these things in order to remind himself of what he is willing to sacrifice himself for.

Roger also has a complicated relationship going back with John (Luke Mitchell) that set John up. Will Roger feel like he needs to atone a little bit for duping John?
JEFFREY: I think what we will see over the next three episodes is that everyone has to come to a reckoning with the choices that they have made, and I think that the choices that Jedikiah and Roger made have impacted the people around them, and they will both have to come to terms with all of that. What they did to John, they did for the greater good. That doesn’t make what they did to John right and it doesn’t make them not culpable for turning a young man who was blessed with the inability to kill, and turning him into a killer so that he could be a tool to protect the greater good. There’s nothing right about that. But that is the choice that they felt they had to make, and I think it haunts Roger and Jedikiah as much as it does John. And there is a reckoning coming for everyone.

In Roger’s quest to be the savior again, is he going to go after the Machine or is he going to go after the Founder? Or does he want to take them both down?
JEFFREY: I think if he could kill the Founder, he would. I think there is nothing morally, in his mind, stopping him and he thinks the Founder is worth killing. But he can’t. He is incapable and he looks on that as a gift and he is not going to give that up. But stopping the Machine is the key because the Founder has discovered a way of winning the war. So that is going to be a paramount thing for Roger to do.

What is it about that Machine? What makes it such a diabolical weapon?
JEFFREY: (Laughs) Can’t give that up. It’s everything that the Founder could possibly desire and nothing that anyone else beyond him would want. So it is a very powerful tool.

In this next episode “A Sort of Homecoming,” what kind of teasers can you talk about for that episode?
JEFFREY: I would say that Roger is not necessarily coming bearing peace and calm to the Tomorrow People world or for any of the characters in it. I’d say he is a match thrown into a pool of gasoline and the results of his arrival are going to throw shock-waves through everyone’s journey. Transformation is coming for all of them and it is because Roger returned. Some good transformation, some bad and some in between. But nobody is going to leave this thing unscarred.

To see how Roger’s return sends ripple-effects into everyone’s lives and whose life may be lost because of it, be sure to tune in for this week’s all new episode of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE on Monday, April 21st at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.

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