Shining the Spotlight on Blake Garrett Rosenthal (2014)


Very few actors in Hollywood can hold their own on screen with the likes of Allison Janney and Anna Faris, but young actor Blake Garrett Rosenthal makes it look effortless. Portraying Roscoe, the younger son of Faris’ character Christy, Blake gets all the best lines. His character Roscoe is a child beyond his years that seems to innately know that he is years ahead of his mom and even his grandmother in maturity and wisdom. Getting to play such a rich and hilarious character has been a dream for Blake, and even at his tender age, he knows how rare it is to get such a fun and remarkable opportunity.

In a recent exclusive interview, Blake talked about what he loves and appreciates working on the CBS comedy series MOM.

So what drew you the role of Roscoe? What made him stand out as a character for you?
BLAKE: I was drawn to the funny dialogue that he gets to say and also his really dry sense of humor.

Now that you have portrayed him for almost an entire season, what do you most admire about Roscoe?
BLAKE: I really admire his witty sense of humor and, even though he’s growing up in somewhat of a mess of a family, Roscoe seems to be handling himself pretty well.

What’s Roscoe’s relationships like with his mom Christy (Anna Faris), his sister Violet (Sadie Calvano), and his grandmother Bonnie (Allison Janney)?
BLAKE: Before Christy got her life back on track, Violet and Roscoe really depended on each other and Violet was really like a mother-figure to Roscoe. And with Roscoe and Christy, it’s really just like any kid that loves his mom at that age. Roscoe knows how hard Christy tries to be the best mom possible to make up for all the mistakes she has made. Then even with all of Bonnie’s imperfections, she and Roscoe seem to always be having a great time together. Luckily Bonnie’s been around to help out while Christy’s working all the time.

What kind of fun things does Roscoe get to do with Bonnie? Was there something fun you go to film with Allison Janney?
BLAKE: We got to dance together in a scene and that was fun. Then we got to play cards — poker. That was really fun. I also liked it when she chucked Roscoe’s vegetables out the window. That was funny also.

Did you and Allison play pretend-poker or were you actually play it?
BLAKE: We were actually playing it. Even right in the middle of the scene, she would deal me a few cards and we would play through the scene.

What do you think Roscoe most loves about his mom, his sister and his grandmother?
BLAKE: What he most loves about Violet is that he can depend on her when he most needs her. What he loves about Christy is that she’s trying her hardest to be the best mom she can be and she’s trying to make up for all the mistakes she made in the past. Then what Roscoe loves about Bonnie is she’s just the crazy grandmother that any kid would love to hang out with.

We have also seen that Roscoe’s dad is in the picture a little bit. Is that a good thing for Roscoe?
BLAKE: I think it is, for sure. Even though Baxter (Matt Jones) is not always around, Baxter still loves Roscoe; and any kid is better off with their father in their life.

It seems Roscoe is more mature than both his parents. Do you find that is part of Roscoe’s role in his family?
BLAKE: (Laughs) I think that’s true. Yeah. But Christy’s really starting to mature and is trying to do the right thing.

For you, when you work on a TV show, what kinds of scenes do you like to do?
BLAKE: I really love the scenes that we film in front of a live audience because I love hearing their reactions to a scene and I love the energy on set. The show is always so funny that everyone laughs.

Are any of the scenes harder for you, or are all of them easy for you?
BLAKE: All the scenes are hard, but that’s only ’cause they are so funny and I always want to laugh. So it’s really hard not to laugh and to keep a straight face. That is just how fun it is.

As a young performer, do you find yourself learning a lot working on the show?
BLAKE: I am always learning more about acting just watching the cast. It really helps me because they are all so talented.

If you had the chance to talk with your character Roscoe, what advice would you give him?
BLAKE: Probably to study more. Other than that: have fun. But he’s doing pretty well. I just think he needs to work on school more. He should pay more attention in school.

Then for the big season finale, is there anything you can tease that fans can look forward to?
BLAKE: Roscoe and Baxter are going to have a few fun scenes together in the hospital waiting room while they wait to see if Violet’s keeping the baby or giving the baby up for adoption; and you’ll see some funny, unexpected surprises in all the relationships.

On that teasing note, Blake invites everyone to tune in for the Season 1 finale of MOM on Monday, April 14th on CBS.

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