WAREHOUSE 13: The Search for Endless Wonder Continues As the Series Ends (2014)

"Warehouse 13"
“Warehouse 13”

For its fifth and final season, WAREHOUSE 13 offers six distantly memorable and exhilarating episodes to conclude its wondrous journey. It returns from its Season 4 cliffhanger with special guest star Tony Head reprising his role as Paracelsus, the alchemist who briefly acted as the Caretaker of Warehouse 9 before being bronzed, who later conned Agent Pete Latimer (Eddie McClinktock) into releasing him in exchange for information on how to save Myka (Joanne Kelly).

Season 5 opens with Paracelsus facing off against Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) for control of the Warehouse, while Steve (Aaron Ashmore) and Artie (Saul Rubinek) work to find a way to get back into to help her. Elsewhere at the hospital Myka is still reeling from her recent health concerns, which ultimately leads to a major life change. As for Pete, well, he too has some big decisions to make, but not before he and the rest of the Warehouse 13 team have to save the world a few more times before the show’s epic Season 5 finale.

In the first returning episode called “Endless Terror,” Paracelsus takes our heroes on journeys into the future and into the past. It is a fight to determine the ultimate fate of the Warehouse and who controls it. In a world where Paracelsus can control it, there will be terrifying experiments with humans and Warehouse agents subjected to endless terror. Look for a few familiar faces to make reappearances and a very special purple bird that will bring many a smile to fans’ faces; and the key artifact that everyone should really keep a close eye on will be the tuning forks.

The second episode entitled “Secret Services” will soon be a fan-favorite with Pete and Myka teaming up with old friends from their Secret Service days who are hiding a very big secret. Played by Mark Deklin and Janet Varney as Agents Simkins and Meyers, fans will find themselves wishing there were enough time and episodes to have these two around for a bit longer — especially since they have it stuck in their heads that Pete and Myka have personal relationship in addition to their professional relationship and constantly tease them about it.

The remainder of Season 5 takes the Warehouse 13 team to a renaissance faire, inside the world of a Latin telenova, a cameo by Jack the Ripper, and the introduction of a key person in Claudia’s life — her sister Claire (Chryssie Whitehead).
Claudia has a big story-arc to explore in this final season as she tracks down her missing sister and tries to figure out if she is truly ready to one day be the destined caretaker of Warehouse 13.

Look for lots of special cameos from seasons past and a reappearance of one of Pete’s more notorious ex’s who not only arrives with some surprising news, but who also reveals a secret to Pete.

There will also be the usual array of fun artifacts bringing chaos into our heroes’ lives — some new and some making return appearances. There is a particularly fun scene with Angelo Siciliano’s workout trunks in the fifth episode entitled “Cangku Shisu” that everyone will want to watch for.

Finally, Season 5 ends with its sixth episode entitled “Endless.” It is not coincidence that the first and last episodes of this final season use the phrase “endless.” The series finale explores the endless wonder that discoveries and revelations WAREHOUSE 13 brought into each of the lives of Pete, Myka, Artie, Claudia, Steve and Ms. Fredric’s. In addition, each agent had a defining moment that stood out and which illuminated who they are. With the Warehouse on the verge of moving and everyone’s lives about to irrevocably change forever, their memories are added to the centuries of agents before them and it is a race to see what last remaining alternatives are available to stop the hands of time.

So hold onto your hats and anything else precious nearby and get ready to jump down into the rabbit-hole of WAREHOUSE 13 for one last six-episode adventure. It will be a wild ride and worth every second. The writers have whipped up a fun concoction of final adventures to explore and experience, and that last one is certain to not leave a dry eye in the house. They also give a fun nod to their valiant fans who made the annual trek to San Diego Comic-Con for each year they attended. In the end, WAREHOUSE 13 finds a beautiful way to sign off and let their fans know how much appreciated they were for this remarkable, fun-filled journey.

WAREHOUSE 13’s finale six episodes of Season 5 air Monday nights, starting April 14th at 9:00 p.m. on Syfy.

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