STAR-CROSSED: So Many Villains, So Many Diabolical Plans (2014)


In a mere eight episodes, STAR-CROSSED has introduced no less than eight powerful villains. It is a show with an abundance of riches in evil-doers and each of these villains that would happily kill anyone in their path. So let’s take a moment to get to meet these dastardly players and reflect on what we know about them.

(1) Jack Beaumont (Tahmoh Penikett/@TahmohPenikett) – Introduced in episode 2, Beaumont was revealed to be a Trag agent who had infiltrated the SEU after having his marking removed, and Beaumont under Castor’s (Johnathon Schaech) orders tried to assassinate Emery (Aimee Teegarden). However, that just proved to be a set-up so Castor could manipulate Roman (Matt Lanter) into turning over the Atrian leadership position of Iksen to his uncle. Worse yet, Beaumont was marked for death the minute he took that assignment from Castor, for in the very next episode, he was eliminated after being exposed as a double-agent by Vega (Merle Dandridge) as she demonstrated the absolute lethalness of black cypher. Apparently, Vega was very displeased that Beaumont had chosen to align with Castor, an ex-Trag. So Beaumont was quickly put six-feet under and was turned into fertile soil for an illicit stash of black cypher that was growing in a boathouse outside of Edendale — that is until it was blown up at the end of Episode 7.

(2) Zoe (Dora Madison Burge) – At first Zoe was thought to be just the easily exasperated friend of Taylor (Natalie Hall), and another human not sure about alien-human integration. But after Drake (Greg Finley) took on a top secret mission from Vega as his first initiation as a Trag, Drake found out that Zoe was his outside Trag contact — another Atrian who had removed her markings so she could hide amongst the humans. Seething with hatred and rage against the humans, Zoe was only too happy to dig up Beaumont’s body and implant the black cypher inside him to grow enough to kill every human within Edendale. But once Roman, Drake and Emery found out about the black cypher, they moved to blow it up before anymore humans could be infected. Unfortunately, Zoe was caught up in that explosion. That was the end of her reign of terror and plotting against human/Atrian integration.

(3) Vega (Merle Dandridge/@MerleDandridge) – Current leader of the Trags and mother to Teri (Chelsea Gilligan), Vega has proven to be a formidable adversary. She quickly dispatched Beaumont and sent Zoe and Drake on suicide missions. Fortunately, Drake could be saved, but Zoe joined Beaumont in the dead-zone. But with tension between the Trag-aligned and the non-Trag supportive Atrians rising in the Sector, it will be a test to see if Vega can ultimately hold her own up against Castor, who seems intent in stopping the Trags at every opportunity; especially before one of Vega’s plans to kill every last human on the planet can come to fruition.

(4) Castor (Johnathon Schaech/@JohnSchaech) – Roman’s uncle and newly appointed Iksen of the Atrians, Castor is a bit of an enigma. He is a former Trag, and seems to have manipulated himself into his nephew’s trust to take over for yet unknown motives. Does he really want to look out for the Atrians and Roman, or does he have something else that he’s planning? Casting even more doubt on his intentions was the revelation in last week’s episode that Castor shooting one of the Atrian pilots of their ship. It has not yet been revealed why the Atrian ship crashed on Earth, but what if Castor had something to do with it? Faking the assassination on Emery to wrestle the Atrian leadership from Roman was questionable enough, but with the knowledge that Castor may have instigated the Atrians crashing on Earth, there is definitely something shady going on.

(5) Mr. & Mrs. Montrose (Tom Hillmann/@TomHillmann and Deena Dill/@DeenaDill) – As the parents of Grayson (Grey Damon) and leaders of the Red Hawks, the Montroses are shining examples of zealots who cannot see past their personal pain and loss and only want to inflict that pain and loss on those they feel are responsible. It is unfortunate the death of their eldest son on Arrival Day has distorted their pain over the years to a degree that they cannot give up their crusade and mission to kill every last Atrian off the face of the planet. Worse yet, they are now looking to recruit their youngest son into the family business, and Grayson feeling betrayed by losing Emery’s affections to an Atrian, is now looking more sympathetic than ever to their cause. Plus, seeing the security video of Roman and Drake kidnapping him a few episodes back was a shock that has him convinced that the Atrians may really be out to get him. Nursing a broken heart and suddenly paranoid that his parents may have been right, Grayson is wavering. So that is sending right into the waiting arms of his parents who are happy to welcome him into the Red Hawk ranks.

(6) Robert Vartan (Randall Newsome) – The most vocal and outspoken of the Red Hawks, Robert is like a bad penny that turns up every time you turn around. He was at the school board meeting, then at the carnival and then was only too happy to give Grayson a ride home. Like the Montroses, he is eager to recruit Grayson and turn him against the Atrians. He is also eager to bring the cold war between the Red Hawks and Trags to the surface and let the bombs fly. It’s been 10 years in the making, and he is just itching for the chance to be a part of the open war that is brewing.

(7) Eva Benton (Stephanie Jacobsen/@sjacobsen22) – We all knew it was too good to be true: the one teacher with the curious mind who wants to get to know the Atrians better. But in last week’s episode, the mask fell away as Eva made the threat to harm Julia’s father if Julia refused to cooperate in locating the source of cyper. That’s a pretty vicious way to manipulate a young teenage girl into divulging where to locate where cyper is grown. It also gives us a clear picture of who exactly Eva is and the lengths she will go to in order to achieve her goals. She has quickly proven to be someone that everyone needs to steer clear of in the future.

(8) Saroya (Louise Lombard/@Louise_Lombard) – Introduced last week as Prisoner 337, there is a huge mystery surrounding who exactly Saroya is and why she was incarcerated for the past 10 years. But it was quickly revealed that Saroya is Drake’s mom and a Trag member, who Vega desperately wanted freed. Another piece to the puzzle was revealed after Emery stumbled upon the Atrian ships’ equivalent of a black box and saw Saroya was there and witnessed Castor killing one of the pilots which led to the Atrian ship crashing on Earth. Since she had left the device for Castor, we may presume that she wanted Castor to know that she has proof of what he did and that she may be coming for him; or maybe it was a gesture of good faith so he knows she will not turn him in. Either way, Saroya is certainly a wild card and maybe not someone whose motives can be trusted yet.

That’s the eight of the known villains so far on STAR-CROSSED, and two have already been taken off the chessboard, leaving six more that could still be in play. One thing is certain, the remaining villains are guaranteed to bring more turmoil into the lives of our heroes before the end of the season. So take the time to get to know them and keep a close eye on them. With five more episodes to air this season, things are going to be a lot more interesting.

All new episodes of STAR-CROSSED airs Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

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