CONTINUUM: Season 3 Offers Time-Jumps, Time-Loops and Time-Travel (2014)


For a show premised on the idea that in the year 2077, a terrorist group known as Liber8 traveled back in time 65 years to 2012 in order to prevent big corporations from rising up and controlling government and the entire world, CONTINUUM’s third season really throws a wrinkle into the rules of time-travel.

When we last saw our heroes and villains in the Season 2 finale, Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen) had just watched his girlfriend Emily aka Maya (Magda Apanowicz) be killed. Faced with the choice of allowing Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) to return to her time in 2077 or taking the risk of creating a time-loop, Alec barely hesitated. He may trust and feel loyalty to Kiera, but his love for Emily was not going to be constrained by the laws of time and physics – if Alec could save Emily, he was going to. So Alec stole Kiera’s last chance at getting back to her time and jumped back in time to a point where he would be able to save Emily’s life.

Season 3 of CONTINUUM returns with Kiera seemingly stuck without a way to get to Alec and fix the damage he has done, nor can she return home to her time where her son awaits her.

As for Alec, having risked irreparably damaging the timeline that he left Kiera behind in and creating a dangerous time-loop by traveling back in his own timeline where an alternative version of himself still exists, he is just desperate to find Emily and change his and her futures. It is his devil-be-damned attitude that threatens them all.

Perhaps this foreshadows the beginning of a darker path that Alec eventually travels down to become the evil, time-controlling dictator that Liber8 fears so much in the year 2077. Does this single act of selfishness foresee all the ethical and moral compromises that Alec will eventually make in order to attain the perfect life he desires – at any cost and no matter whoever it may destroy? And will this be the end of the hard-fought for friendship between Alec and Kiera? Shall Season 3 be a battle between Kiera and Alec to see who determines the fate of the future?

These are all weighty questions that hover as CONTINUUM returns for its third season. While not all these questions can be answered in one episode, fans will be stunned to see where CONTINUUM and our heroes go. Season 3 wastes no time in picking up where Season 2 left off and each character is off and running to save someone, save theirselves or save the future. With so much on the line, no one is willing to compromise. It also means that odd alliances will be formed in order to protect a greater good.

To see what Alec’s decision has ultimately cost them all and whose lives are now at risk, be sure to tune in for the premiere of CONTINUUM Season 3 on Friday, April 4th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.

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