STAR-CROSSED: A Love Written In the Stars (2014)



With only six of its thirteen episodes of its first season having aired, fans of the new series STAR-CROSSED have fallen under its spell. From the very first episode, everyone fell in love with the star-crossed love story of Roman (Matt Lanter) and Emery (Aimee Teegarden), the alien boy and the human girl. Watching their meet-cute at the tender age of six as young Emery shared spaghetti with the young alien boy hiding in her garage, how could we not?

Flash-forward 10 years later and it is the first day at school at Marshall High. It is not only Emery’s first day as she has just been released from the hospital after a long, painful recovery, it is Roman’s first day as well — for it had taken ten years before humans would finally allow a few chosen Atrians teens to attend a local high school as a trial program to integrate the alien and humans.

Fate had not only brought Roman and Emery together on Arrival Day to bond over their innate trust and curiosity for each other; ten years later it made sure that Roman was selected to be one of the Atrian Seven and that he was there along with Emery to share their first day at school together. In fact, Roman recognized Emery immediately. Somewhere in his two hearts, he felt her presence and the love that had been growing steadfastly in his heart for so long, leapt in recognition. Emery may not have recognized Roman as quickly, but she was just as welcoming and curious as the first time she met him. Her heart too seemed to innately know that there was something familiar about the Atrian boy, who she had thought had been killed when he was captured years ago.

So began the slow blooming love story of Roman and Emery. We knew, just as their hearts knew, that they are destined for each other. But the show is called STAR-CROSSED. Destined love or not, it has a long journey ahead before their love can truly be welcomed out in the open.

Yet Roman knows Atrians only love once in their lives. They have one destined soulmate and even his six year old self recognized it the day he met the young human girl Emery. He would have done anything to protect her and did as he stepped out in front of her into the line of fire, seeming to have given his very own life for hers.

Fortunately, that second heart came in handy. It saved Roman’s life and gave him a chance to one day reunite with his destined love again. It did not matter that she was human; for love wants what the heart wants – and for Roman, that is Emery.

Likewise, Emery is under destiny’s spell as she is pulled into Roman’s life time and time again. No matter what threats were made against her, no matter that there was the horrible tragedy where Emery’s father mistakenly shot and killed Roman’s dad, no matter what the obstacles keeping them apart, Emery has been pulled over and over again into Roman’s life – even when he tried to push her way to protect her.

Destiny is not to be denied. Roman and Emery are destined soulmates and that kind of love is forever. Even Teri (Chelsea Gilligan) and Grayson (Grey Damon) can see it as they struggle to keep their chosen-loves from each other. But choosing to love someone does not make someone a soulmate. And after so many years forceably kept apart, destiny shall find away unite Roman and Emery, no matter what the obstacles or distractions.

But as viewers, it is painful and hard to watch as Roman watches from a safe distance until the day he can openly declare his feelings for Emery and not have it put a lethal bulls-eye on her back. For anyone who knows Roman can see his undeniable love for her. Similarly, those closest to Emery know where her heart yearns as well.

In last week’s episode, it was just another star-crossed moment when Roman came rushing over to Emery’s house and saw what his mistakenly took was a loving moment between Emery and Grayson. What Roman did not know was that minutes before, Emery had been on her way to see him and declare her own feelings; that was until Grayson showed up at her door, devastated over the recent arrest of his mother who had been revealed to be one of the ranking leaders of the terrorist organization known as the Red Hawks. So, unfortunately for Roman, that scene where Emery was consoling Grayson in his time of grief looked a lot like a tender scene of affection.

But no matter what, we are all hoping and rooting for the star-crossed Atrian and human girl. With seven more episodes to go this season, it is easy to see that the struggle between fate and destiny is hard at work and we are praying that love will win out no matter who the victor.

As fans, we are hopeful and faithful, as well as trust that STAR-CROSSED will deliver on its promise of a love written in the stars. It was surely destined that an alien boy and a human girl would find each other against all the odds and across the universe, and we shall wait for that reward along with them. For a love so written is worth waiting for.
STAR-CROSSED airs Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on the CW. (For those who may have missed any of the STAR-CROSSED episodes, they may be found on and will also be reairing in a seven episode marathon on Saturday, April 5th at 1 pm ET on the TV Guide Channel.)

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