CONTINUUM: Victor Webster Talks Season 3 and Infinite Timelines (2014)


The Canadian sci-fi drama CONTINUUM pulls no punches when it comes to playing around with time-travel, time-loops, and the paradox of the space-time continuum. It began its series traveling 65 years in the past, putting its hero Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) smack in the middle of present day as she desperately sought to track down the Liber8 terrorists before they could damage everyone’s future.

Yet the Season 2 finale threw a wrench into the storyline when Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) stole Kiera’s chance at getting back to her time in an effort to go back to rescue his girlfriend who had just been killed.

So Season 3 of CONTINUUM returns with a vengeance as Alec and Kiera race to find a way to save their futures and not damage the present or future timelines in the process.

In a recent exclusive interview, star Victor Webster shared his insight as to what Season 3 holds in store for his character, Carlos Fonnegra, and the tug-of-war over the future between Kiera and Alec.

Where do we find Carlos in Season 3?
VICTOR: The first episode back sets up the third season. There was so much exposition that needed to be done to set up where we were in the CONTINUUM world. I think the Season 3 premiere is a mind-blowing episode — just what happens in that episode. But Alec’s story is important to tell and, as to where Carlos is, stay tuned for that.

From that first episode it seems they set it up so that there might be two possible timelines, the one that we were following from the second season and the one that Alec travels back to. Are we going to see Carlos in both timelines?
VICTOR: I think there’s multiple timelines. I think if there is the ability for two to exist, then why not a hundred. I think it depends how many times someone travels back and every time someone travels it creates a new timeline. So there could be thousands of them. So we will see how that unfolds.

Are you allowed to share whether Carlos is in multiple timelines?
VICTOR: That hasn’t happened yet. The world that we present in the first season is the world we pretty much stick to through the rest of the season. So there’s just one Carlos.

The Carlos we last saw in the Season 2 finale seemed to have joined up with Julian (Richard Harmon). Is he still with Julian or has the timeline reset prevented that from happening?
VICTOR: We’re going to have to see what happens. That was in the finale of Season 2 and it was interesting because the audience actually picked what happened. We gave them two options: does Carlos go with Liber8 or does Carlos stick with the police force? And we did an online poll and they chose that Carlos go with Liber8 and that’s how we ended it. But now that we have gone back in time, it’s roughly a week where Alec went back in time, and Carlos has not done that yet. So it will be interesting to see with everything how that turns out and if it transpires that he goes down that same road . . . When you go back a week and you change everything, even one little change can have ripple effects. So does that effect Carlos and all those things leading up to Carlos going to Liber8? We don’t even know that Carlos joined Liber8. He just went to have a conversation with Julian. So does that transpire again? What was the result of that conversation? Does he even go to the farmhouse to see Julian this time around? There’s so many things that can happen and change.

This is such a mind-twist. It’s actually fascinating from a sci-fi perspective, but as a fan you are like: “Where are my favorite characters? Where did they go?”
VICTOR: (Laughs) As a fan?! As an actor, I still do not know what the heck is going on! I read these scripts and everything is right in front of me and I’m still confused. I still have to go ask someone to explain it to me. They have done such a good job and have gotten so deep into this world that it does really get confusing, but it’s very smartly written and intelligently done.

Are you nudging the writers a bit saying, “Hey, am I going to be a policeman again?” Or “I don’t know if Carlos really wants to be a freedom fighter”?
VICTOR: No, I have been actually pleasantly surprised — though I shouldn’t say too surprised as now that I’ve done two seasons and I know how good they are — but they continue to surprise me with new and interesting storylines and developments for my character; and they’ve given me some really good stuff to play with this season. I feel like we initially see a troubled, dark Carlos as he is dealing with a lot of information coming at him all at once.

How quickly in the second episode will we see where Carlos’ journey picks up?
VICTOR: Right away. There’s a lot of Carlos in episode 2.

What kinds of surprises can fans look forward to in Season 3?
VICTOR: There’s multiple timelines. There’s more new characters introduced. There’s lots of incredible action. We get deeper into the world of Alec and what is going on with him. We’re definitely getting more into Alec’s world and what makes him tick and what position he takes in the future. Kellog (Stephen Lobo) has a bigger part this year. And Carlos and Kiera’s relationship goes through huge ups and downs.

How quickly do Carlos and Kiera get reunited or cross paths in the same timeline?
VICTOR: Once there’s the time jump back to one week before, Carlos and Kiera are still working together. So episode 2 is business as usual. Actually, I should say it is business as usual because very quickly Carlos’ world gets turned upside down.

Is that personal or professional where his world gets turned upside down?

He’s really caught in the crosshairs then in Season 3.
VICTOR: I wouldn’t want to be in Carlos’ shoes. In season 3, Carlos is constantly trying to reach a speed of 88 mph just to keep up.

With Kiera returning in the timeline, will Carlos know that she has made that time loop from their future?
VICTOR: Carlos doesn’t know anything different. He doesn’t know there’s multiple timelines. He doesn’t know any of that at that point. Eventually, I think that Carlos is not a dumb guy. He’s going to notice that something’s going on. He’s going to try to figure it out. I think that is part of his struggle this season.

As an actor, do you get these scripts and just wonder if the writers are trying to mess with your head?
VICTOR: It is really confusing and it’s intentionally confusing. I think a lot of it is the struggle that Carlos is going through, so as I’m reading these scripts, I’m like, “What is going on?” That is exactly what Carlos is feeling. It’s a testament to the writing — keeping everything off-kilter. So I’ve got to read things 2, 3, 4 times to make sure I’ve got it all down before I step on set because I want to make sure that I’m doing everything properly and understand it, also so that when the audience watches the show, they will know what is going on. But they will see this utter confusion in Carlos. I think that reflects my utter confusion over what the hell is going on in a good way. They don’t ever let us get too comfortable.

CONTINUUM is also a very violent show and it has never been afraid to tackle dark themes, and it in fact seems Season 3 is even darker. Does it continue to go down that brutal path for each of its characters?
VICTOR: As the season progresses and as the series progresses, it is baby-steps down the wormhole. It keeps getting darker and darker. And I think that’s how this would unfold. Liber8 is desperately trying to change the future and they now have their fingers in so many different things. It’s hard to know what they are going to do next because they have diversified so much. I think that’s something very tricky for Kiera and Carlos because they are presented with a lot of problems to solve and how many of those are Liber8 and how many are the big companies that they are now investigating? Liber8’s ideas are not bad; it is the execution of how they handle the situation, and that obviously has their attention. The ideals of smaller government, less “Big Brother,” to have personal freedoms back — those are all things that we all believe in.

Then what is up with those crazy Freelancers?
VICTOR: I think that’s one thing that is really exciting. Nobody really knew what the Freelancers were and that gets explained in the first episode of the third season. Then we get heavily into that as they play a major role in the third season — just figuring out what they are all about.

The Freelancers come across as “time cops,” that’s kind of the simple way of explaining what they do.
VICTOR: That’s my impression as far as the space-time continuum. They are trying to make sure that nobody really messes with the flow. They are bad-asses and they will go to any lengths to achieve their goals.

Would you recommend that fans get out pen and paper to keep track of everything that’s going on for this season?
VICTOR: (Laughs) I know that there are fans already doing that out there. We have such smart fans that are so involved in the show. We can’t get away with anything. We have to really be on point. They know things. Like when we talk with them at the fan conventions or on Twitter, they know things that even I don’t know, and I’ve been shooting the show and reading all the scripts. But you forget these details and they link all these details together and they put the thread through all of them — then you see how it all links together. So they are so smart. They even pick up on things we think will slip by.

How does it feel for you to have that kind of passionate fan base?
VICTOR: I love it. It’s really exciting for me to know that they love the show so much and love what we are doing, and they have a respect for it and a passion for it. That’s what life’s all about. It is being passionate about things and, if we can bring a little bit of enjoyment into their home one-hour a week, I think that is a huge accomplishment for us. We are really grateful for all the fans that we have out there that love the show.

For you, do you still have that kind of passion for the show or are you like, “okay, enough, you’ve twisted my mind around in knots”?
VICTOR: (Laughs) No, no, the more they twist my mind around, the more excited I get. Nobody wants to play a two dimensional character. We want to see struggle. We want to see obstacles. We want to see a character go through things that we go through in life. We constantly on a daily basis have struggles — some huge and some little. But in television, we want to see a character be challenged. It’s boring if we don’t. So we want to ride those peaks and valleys with our favorite characters. It really draws us in. I think they do a good job of that on CONTINUUM.

For Canadian viewers, Season 3 of CONTINUUM is currently airing Sunday nights with episode 2 airing Sunday, March 23rd. (Then for U.S. viewers, Season 3 of CONTINUUM premiers on Friday, April 4th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.)

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