DA VINCI’S DEMONS: Season 2 Offers a Rip-Roaring Adventure From Florence to the Amazon (2014)

"DaVinci's Demons"
“DaVinci’s Demons”

In Season 2 of DA VINCI’S DEMONS, Leonardo Da Vinci’s (Tom Riley) quest for the Book of Leaves takes him from the hallowed halls of Florence to deep within in the Amazonian forest. Out of his comfort zone, Da Vinci really must rely on his wits and unexpected allies as his journey leads him to a land that is as unconquered as it is mysterious.

In Italy, in Season 1, Leonardo merely had to navigate the thorny politics and personal vendettas of the Roman Catholic Church and the Medicis. But his eternal quest to hunt down the elusive Book of Leaves and gain access to a fount of information that man should never have in his possession, shall in Season 2 take Leonardo half-way across the world and introduces him to the wilds of the untamed jungles of Peru, where native tribes will fight to the death to protect their gods and their treasures. In a race against Count Riaro (Black Ritson), who also wants to lay claim to the Book of Leaves, Leonardo may find himself entangled with Riario as both friend and foe as they both are intruders in the protected world of the Incas.

Then back in Florence, life for the Medicis is tenuous at best. Lorenzo de Medici (Eliot Cowan) is initially at death’s door and then later arrested for murder, leaving his family’s good name in tatters and his family forced into hiding. Similarly, Clarice Orsini (Lara Pulver), Lorenzo’s wife, is in a precarious position with her family at risk and Lorenzo unable to rise to her defense. But Clarice is a resourceful woman who will do anything to protect those she loves, no matter what the cost. Her children and family are her life and with one last stronghold to retreat, she will entrench and fight back with surprising ferocity.

Another woman clawing her way to survive in a brutal world where men determine your worth and usefulness, Lucrezia Donati (Laura Haddock), mistress to both Lorenzo and Leonardo and former Vatican spy, is literally at sea. Captured and forced aboard a ship, Lucrezia’s fate may be determined by the icy waters surrounding her.

In the midst of all the high drama, there are always unexpected moments of levity to remind us that these people are human. There are moments of laughter and joy, though fleeting as they all are literally fighting for survival.

So Season 2 of DA VINCI’S DEMONS shall explore the mysteries of life, of the world they live in, taking all the characters on a grand and perilous journey, but there shall also be great loves, sweeping romance and stolen passion. This is the secret to any epic adventure, there will be danger, surprises, heroes and villains, and best of all, lovers.

To see how the intertwined fates of Leonardo, Lorenzo, Count Riario, Clarice and Lucrezia take them to the four corners of the globe and back again, be sure to tune in for the Season 2 premiere of DA VINCI’S DEMONS on Saturday, March 22nd at 9:00 p.m. on Starz.

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