REVOLUTION: Bringing the Sci-Fi Back Into The Apocalyptic AfterMath (feat. video interviews with David Lyons, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, JD Pardo, Tracy Spiridakos) (2014)


When NBC’s REVOLUTION first debuted, it was premised on the idea of turning the power back on. It had been 15 years since the power went out one day without explanation; and by the end of Season 1, they did turn the power back on — just long enough for the world to try to destroy itself and launched every nuclear weapon at its disposal. Unfortunately, turning the power back on was not the wisest thing to have done when nearly two decades of warmongering and warlord tyranny had become the norm. With the push of a button, Randall Flynn (Colm Feore) nearly annihilated the entire East Coast of the United States. So Season 2 of REVOLUTION took us back to the dark ages, or the norm in the world they had grown used to living in without power and electricity. Everything looked bleak since now they had vast geographical areas obliterated by nuclear bombs and an even larger number of their dwindling population eradicated in seconds.

Our heroes, if they could truly be called that, were strew across the countryside, each looking for a purpose in this seemingly helpless world where survival of the fittest was the most anyone could achieve. Miles (Billy Burke), Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), and Aaron (Zak Orth) had tried to find peace in a corner of their world. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) was on the hunt for Monroe (David Lyons), dead or alive. Then Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and his son Jason (JD Pardo) found themselves ensnared in the rising Patriots web of domination. And it was not too long before they all found themselves on the run or hiding from the Patriots who had incongruously risen to power in the six months after the bombs fell. Jason suffered the most having been caught and sent to reprogramming — which essentially meant that the Patriots did their best to break him and bend his mind to their will. Things went similarly bad for Rachel, Miles and Aaron with their encounters with the Patriots, which unfortunately led to Aaron finding out that he was intricately connected to why the power went out and how the gazillion nanites could be influenced by his mere thoughts of killing someone.

The discovery of the nanites and their control over the power and willingness to do Aaron’s bidding was startling. But as a sci-fi story, it was also thoroughly intriguing. Science fiction is not just about life in the future, it is about dealing with the repercussions of technology run amuck. The nanites certainly proved to be a handful. They were unwilling to be controlled, yet were happy to help Aaron out when they felt like it. Weird for a mechanical creation to have a mind of its own, but that is hard-core sci-fi for you: machines with self-awareness.

So looking towards the final 9 episodes of the second season, things are looking to be a bit tense with the nanites seeking to dictate Aaron’s actions and the rise of the Patriots as a nationwide threat. With our heroes still spread across the landscape it is hard to imagine how and when they will be reunited, if that is even possible. But surely between the nanites and the Patriots, it may be in all their best interests to work together. That is if some of them don’t kill each other first. With Jason and Tom on a warpath to bring back Monroe’s head to save the life of Julia (Kim Raver), surely someone is going to die.

In press interviews with the cast of REVOLUTION, they talked about where each of their characters’ mind-sets are and what obstacles lie ahead for them as they try to fight back against the Patriots.

REVOLUTION returns with all new episodes on Wednesday, February 26th at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. The final minutes of this week’s episode are pivotal and will take our heroes to someplace entirely unexpected. That unexpected journey continues in next week’s all new episode on March 5th. You are not going to want to miss one second of it!

In case you missed it, exclusive photos from these interviews may be seen here:
On the Scene: Talkin ‘Bout a REVOLUTION.

(Note: This set visit and opportunity to interview the cast of REVOLUTION was provided by and sponsored by Warner Bros. Television.)

Photo Credits: Tiffany Vogt

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