HAVEN: A Truly Terrifying Trouble Terrorizes One of Our Heroes in Season 4 Finale (2013)


Season 4 of Syfy’s drama series HAVEN has brought all kinds of surprises: multiple Troubles, morphing Troubles, and one devious newcomer known as William (Colin Ferguson). We all thought we knew the rules of Troubles. But we were wrong. Just as soon as William popped through the portal door, he was stirring up all kinds of trouble and giving people new Troubles – ones that neither they, nor their ancestors had before. William proved time and time again that he could create a new Trouble and infect anyone he wanted. He also showed that he could also change a person’s Trouble, causing it to manifest at an earlier age or have a wider range than before. William is literally a Trouble-maker. Then we found out that he is but one-half of a Trouble-making pair: Audrey (Emily Rose) is his split-apart – meaning anything that happens to William, happens to her, which was shockingly proven when Nathan (Lucas Bryant) shot William and Audrey developed a gunshot wound too. This has made it exceedingly difficult to get rid of him. Our HAVEN heroes cannot simply kill him, as much as they desperately want to.

That leaves them in a huge conundrum: how to solve a problem like William? Worse yet, the longer he’s around, the more he seems to bring out the worse in Audrey. He’s not just a thorn in her side, he’s actually bringing to the surface memories of her former existence – the original Audrey, the one who may or may not have relished cursing the residents of Haven with the Troubles, one-by-one over a century ago.

Audrey has always yearned for self-identity. From the moment she found out that she was not actually Audrey Parker (an identity claimed from a real woman in the FBI), Audrey wondered exactly who she was. She discovered she had lived at least two prior lives, known as Sarah and Lucy. It made her wonder just how many times she has come to Haven over the years, and why each time she had a different identity and no memory of her prior lives. Agent Howard (Maurice Dean Wint) was her one recurring link between her prior existences and that link was severed when Nathan shot him in the Season 3 finale, desperately hoping to prevent Audrey from disappearing with the barn, which acted as a portal between the 27 year gaps in Audrey’s lives across the timeline.

So without Agent Howard, Audrey thought she would never find out who she really was – and she was fine with that. She liked being Audrey Parker, being in love with Nathan, being flirty friends with Duke, and having a place in the everyday world of Haven.

Then came William. This last trip in the barn reintroduced Audrey to a key part of her past: William. At first, he did not tell her that they had a preexisting relationship. He wanted to see if she could figure it out for herself. He repeatedly told her that once she exited through the portal door opened by Jennifer (Emma Lahana) that Audrey would revert back to the one person she really wanted to be. He just thought that would be the woman he knew – his soulmate. Unfortunately, Lexie chose to be Audrey. That’s who she wanted to be. That left William scrambling as he followed her through the portal and began playing his usual tricks in Haven. He began infecting the unsuspecting residents of Haven with Troubles, all in hopes of stirring up some passion and deep memories within Audrey – to bring out her true inner-self.

When giving people Troubles was not enough to trigger anything, William took it even further and began triggering Troubles in those who already had them, but earlier in their life. He even triggered a Trouble in a baby in order to push Audrey into doing his bidding – he wanted her to give a Trouble to someone to combat or nullify the baby’s Trouble. Unfortunately, Audrey didn’t quite remember how to create a Trouble that complemented an existing Trouble and that seemed to go haywire. The next step was pushing Audrey to give a Trouble back to someone who had their Trouble cured – in desperation, Duke (Eric Balfour) asked to have his Trouble back so that he could kill people to save their families and future generations. It was a risky proposition. Would it work at all? And if it did, where did that leave Duke? He’d be forever cursed with the Trouble of having to kill the Trouble-afflicted, one that had a nasty addictive side and which turned him into a killer. It was his worst nightmare, and one he was only too happy to be rid of when his brother Wade (Christian Camargo) sacrificed himself to end his affliction and save Duke from their family’s Troubled-curse.

So last week’s episode “When the Bough Breaks” left us hanging just as Audrey was about to re-curse Duke and give him that nasty Trouble back. This week’s episode “The Lighthouse” will reveal whether Audrey actually went through with it and if it even worked. It will also show us how it affects Duke to have his Trouble back. Will it have a dire cost on his life? Will Jennifer still feel the same way about Duke now that he choose to get that particularly Trouble back? Will Duke even be able to do what is being asked of him and to kill the father to save the baby? How will Audrey react to re-infecting a close friend of hers and knowing that she is the cause of his pain and torment? Or will they both back away from the brink of this terrible Trouble and find another way to solve their Troubles?

HAVEN has never shied away from the trickier moral dilemmas. It relishes in making its characters and its fans squirm; for HAVEN is not a fairytale. It is a tale of terrible, terrifying Troubles; a curse that one woman may be responsible for, and why she may be paying the price of curing them every 27 years as a different person. Thus, what Audrey has wrought, she must atone for.

Yet William throws a wrinkle into that carefully constructed cure. He likes the Troubles. He loves the woman who created them. He wants her back. And he will literally do anything to get her back. It is something we all relate to. We have watched, cheering, as Nathan and Duke have fought ferociously over the past four seasons for Audrey – whether to save her life, to help her remember who she is, or to win her heart. So why is William any less deserving? Well, first of all, he’s a cold-blooded murderer and, second, he does not deserve her. But in his mind, he is worthy. He had her first. Underneath all those various identities, Audrey is at her heart the woman he loves — his soulmate. He just wants her back.

The Season 4 finale of HAVEN will show whether our heroes will win-out in the tug-of-war for Audrey’s heart. It will also deal with William, once and for all. The answers provided may delight and dazzle, or they may make us all question what we have always believed about Audrey, the Troubles, and those we know and love in HAVEN.

To see how the Season 4 finale of HAVEN plays out and where they shall leave us gasping at the end, be sure to tune in on Friday, December 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. Be warned Friday the Thirteenth is a traditionally cursed day of its own, and in true form for the occasion, the HAVEN Season 4 finale shall answer some prayers and unleash a few terrors in the process.

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