TEEN WOLF: Season 3, part 1 DVD – All About An Alpha War (2013)

Season 1 introduced Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) to the mysterious world of werewolves and hunters. Season 2 expands the mystical world to include other creatures, such as the Kanima, and explored the difficulty of creating an Alpha pack as Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) tried to recruit and create new members for his pack. Then in Season 3 the sleepy town of Beacon Hills got really crowded as many forms of werewolves and other worldly creatures seemed to descend upon it. There were suddenly werewolves, hunters, druids, a banshee and two Alphas that can join together to make a super werewolf. Everywhere you looked something dangerous was lurking around every dark corner.

Thus, it became more important than ever that Scott and Derek work together, along with their myriad of friends and allies to fight off the evil beings seeking to kill anyone they wanted to accomplish their sinister goals. Especially with the Darach (Haley Webb) collecting guardians, virgins, warriors, healers, and philosophers to sacrifice to increase her power and keep her safe from the warring Alphas — and to enact her personal vengeance on those who had destroyed her human life, leaving her the tortured soul that could only live by killing others to survive.

But in a brutal twist, in the season 3a finale, the Darach was defeated when Deucalian (Gideon Emery) slashed Jennifer’s throat; but it was Peter (Ian Bohen) who ultimately killed her and then proclaimed, “I am the Alpha. I’ve always been the Alpha!” Leaving some debate whether Peter may have taken Jennifer’s power by taking her life, but that remains to be revealed.

On November 23rd, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and MTV Network co-hosted a Fan Appreciation Event at the Burbank Marriott where some of the cast of TEEN WOLF along with creator and executive producer Jeff Davis talked about where the show is going for the back-half of Season 3.

“Teen Wolf” fan showing off her warm winter swag

Unfortunately, for fans still fervently holding out hope, Jeff Davis confirmed that Jennifer is indeed dead and he still feels regret having killed off such a rich character. Jeff added that unfortunately they have to let some deaths stand to have impact — though he admitted they had discussed whether Jennifer had a twin just so they could bring Haley back.

Haley Webb

Also much to fans’ dismay, Holland Roden confirmed that Lydia and Peter were going to have a bit more interaction, but perhaps not of the romantic variety — more as allies. Now that Lydia is a known banshee, surely her powers will have some use to an Alpha, particularly as Jeff Davis reassured that Lydia’s power goes beyond her high-pitched screams. There is a lot more to be revealed on that front. As to the origins of Lydia’s banshee powers, that is a mystery still left to be explained. Even Holland said, “I’ve been wondering the same thing!” In fact, Roden credits finding out what her character Lydia was from social media, who figured it out before she did.

Max Carver and Holland Roden

As to the fates of all the beloved TEEN WOLF characters that could be hanging in the balance, Jeff Davis could not reassure that anyone is ever truly safe on the show. Though he was quick to admit that he is reluctant to kill off the twins, Aiden and Ethan (portrayed by Max and Charlie Carver), because he loves writing for those characters and feels that they have just barely scratched the surface to what is going on with them. Jeff ruefully noted, “in the writers’ room, we talk a lot about who is going to live and die – and we talk about the twins a lot!” Max Caver then added, “I think Jeff took a lot of risks this season so brace yourself!”

As to Gerard (Michael Hogan), Jeff also said he would like to see their relationship explored more as a kind of Hannibal Lector/Clarice kind of relationship.

Linden Ashby and Melissa Ponzio

Jeff also teased that there is always the possibility of a potential romance between Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad, but there is a question of whether Stiles’ dad is ready take off his wedding ring. Melissa Ponzio also pointed out that since the Sheriff still wears a ring that it may indicate his heart is not available. But after ribbing that his co-stars have taken off more than a mere wedding ring, co-star Linden Ashby, who plays Sheriff Stilinski to laughingly said, “Shirts are for pussies. I take my pants off!”

Not letting Linden get all the good laughs, Holland blushed when asked which of her male co-stars she felt she had more on-screen chemistry with and said turning to her co-stars Max and Charlie Carver, one of which she shares an on-screen romance and the other she shares off-screen time with, “I’m sorry, I like Colton more. I think there’s more chemistry. Am I allowed to say this?!” There was a lot of good-natured ribbing over that confession, naturally.

Charlie Carver and Jeff Davis

Then getting in an eye-popping quote of her own, co-star Haley Webb shared that all her favorite scenes from Season 3a were “slamming Tyler Hoechlin — that was so fun!” That wicked gleam in her eye could mean so many things, but with warm roars of approval from the fans in attendance, everyone surely knew exactly what she meant.

Other big teases for Season 3b are that we will learn a lot more about Stiles’ mom. In fact, Linden Ashby said that Sheriff Stilinski has a pretty sad and disturbing storyline upcoming. So things may be getting pretty dark in Stiles’ world soon.

For fans wanting to relive all the excitement and adrenaline rushes from TEEN WOLF Season 3a, the DVD will be available as of Tuesday, December 10th from Fox Home Entertainment. Then to experience the exhilaration of TEEN WOLF Season 3b, the series returns on Monday, January 6th at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

Charlie Carver with “Teen Wolf” fans

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