NIKITA” The Hunt for the Most Wanted Woman in the World Begins (2013)

For its fourth and final season, the CW spy drama NIKITA returns with six final episodes. The third season finale cliffhanger left Nikita (Maggie Q) as literally the most wanted woman in the world after she was framed for assassinating the U.S. President in the White House. But, as fans recall, while Nikita may have brought the gun into the Oval Office, she did not actually pull the trigger – the President shockingly did that herself, or rather a woman who looked like the President. We later saw that Amanda had the President carefully locked up, far away at the time a doppelganger shot herself trying to make it appear as if the President was actually dead.

So Season 4 opens with Nikita on the run, alone, and seeking a way to clear her name – and the names of all those she holds dear. In the episode aptly named “Wanted,” we find Nikita in a dark place. One hundred days have passed and she fears treachery around every corner. But tired for hiding and ready to strike back, Nikita returns to reclaim her life and to find the true culprits behind the President’s assassination. Surely Amanda and The Shop are involved because they were the ones responsible for putting Nikita in the White House in the first place – by coercing her into believing Michael’s life was on the line unless she complied with their demands. But the trick will be in proving the how and why a doppelganger was used in the first place. Why not simply kill the President? That would seem to have been easier than replacing her with a woman that looked just like her to fake her death.

Fortunately, Nikita has not just been in hiding, she did some digging and quiet investigation in the three intervening months. She found a clue as to why the President’s doppelganger did what she did. She just needs a way to prove it.

So Nikita returns with a plan. But unlike she thinks, she is not truly alone. Everyone notices the minute she pops back up on the radar. Her Division friends have found a way to help her from afar and have been doing a little investigative research themselves. In fact, with Division HQ now in smithereens and just a deep hole in the ground, Birkhoff and Co. have found new HQ digs – a fully equipped spy plane. It’s mobile, hard to track and can be anywhere just when they need it. Michael (Shane West) is a bit peeved with his ex-fiance for leaving her engagement ring behind right before she embarked on a suicide-mission to kill the President, but that does not mean he has abandoned her completely. Michael’s instincts tell him that there is much more to the story behind Nikita’s actions and he is going to find out by hell or high-water. Aiding him is their loyal friend and computer genius, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford), who along with ex-Division chief Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean) are following the clues all the way back to Amanda and The Shop. There is just one piece of the puzzle missing. That’s where Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) come into play. Alex is shaking down The Shop by any means necessary, and targeting their human trafficking revenue seems to have gotten their attention. But what Alex finds is a lot more than human slaves – there is something much more vital in play. Plus, we dare not forget about and overlook Sam – yes, we all miss Owen (Devon Sawa), but Sam is here to stay. Just what is Sam up to? Well, he is not going to miss out on the final days of NIKITA, so look for him to pop up as a wild card just when you least expect it.

NIKITA Season 4 starts off in true high-octane fashion. There’s more bullets, explosions and dead bodies in one episode than entire seasons of other action series. Look for double-crosses, doppelgangers, and double-agents as there is much more going on than what you first think. Those crafty NIKITA writers have layered the final six episodes with so many juicy surprises. The twists and turns will delight fans and make for a truly memorable send-off.

NIKITA’s final season begins on Friday, November 22nd at 9:00 p.m. on the CW. Be sure to tune in for every one of the last six episodes, airing Friday nights all the way through to December 27th. Each will leave you breathless. Spy games are not for amateurs.

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