THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: A Reunion Is Coming, feat. video interviews with cast (2013)

One of the biggest and juiciest tidbits gleaned from the recent celebration on behalf of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ 100th Episodes was the fact that the 100th episode will be a reunion episode. But if anyone knows Mystic Falls’ history, it is not a high school reunion that everyone is talking about. It is a reunion of lost souls – the dearly departed killed off before their time. But just who is coming back to visit and for how long, that’s the mystery of the 100th episode.

During red carpet interviews this past weekend, the cast of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, along with a few familiar faces of characters long-gone, were on hand to talk about which of the show’s many character deaths hit them the hardest and who they would not hesitate to resurrect in a heartbeat to bring back to the show.

While none of the cast or even producers were willing to spoil the fun surprise of which of the killed-off characters would be making an appearance in the 100th episode, everyone sure had a fun time talking about which deaths rocked their worlds and who they wanted to see return on the show – whether for the 100th episode or in some future episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Here is what each had to say:

(Video credit: Tiffany Vogt)

Clearly, favorites among the cast were Alaric (portrayed by Matt Davis), Aunt Jenna (portrayed by Sara Canning) and Vicki (portrayed by Kayla Ewell), but the surprise appearances of Malese Jow and Nate Buzolic makes one speculate as to whether there may be more surprise visits from either Anna or Kol on the Mystic Falls’ horizon.

The 100th episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is scheduled to air in January 2014, but with four more episodes this year to look forward to, the countdown is on to see what clues the show will tease before the big episode. Who is coming back and why, are the big questions. Is Bonnie hosting a reunion party on the other-side, or will these beloved departed characters get a chance to speak to their loved ones from the great beyond? Or better yet, who has some unresolved issues that makes he/she anxious to get back and sort out things before vanishing into the ether once more?

It is enough to tie a person’s brain into mind-boggling knots thinking of it all, but it is fun to contemplate the various scenarios and what that could mean for the future for each of our heroes. What message from the beyond do they crave to hear — or do they deserve to hear? Surely everyone has a few ghosts ready to haunt their days and nights for an episode or two. Death is just not strong enough to claim all these supernatural beings and we’re grateful for a chance to visit with a few once again. ‘Til then, all new episodes of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES air Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

[Note: This opportunity to interview the cast at their 100th Episode celebration was provided by and sponsored by Warner Bros. Television.]

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