THE ORIGINALS: Danielle Campbell Teases The Uprising of Davina’s Power (2013)

What is a 16-year old witch to do when her own family wants to kill her as a sacrifice to their elders? Fortunately, for Davina (Danielle Campbell) a compassionate vampire Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) came to her rescue — and just in the nick of time. But in an interesting twist of fate, that opportune moment was just when Davina has absorbed all the power of the three other witch sacrifices that was supposed to be used to help bridge her family’s coven with their long-departed ancestors — a bridge that would have made the witches’ elders more powerful than ever. But only if the four witches had completed the sacrifice. So Davina was rescued, Marcel found himself in possession with one of the most powerful witches alive, and the power of the universe was left at Davina’s disposal. In Davina’s mind this is as it should be, as she just wants to be a girl and not a witch, and if the harvest is not completed by her death, then the power within her dissipates and returns into the universe. But will she be tempted by the power coursing through her veins and seek to find a way to keep that power for herself?

As executive producer Julie Plec foreshadowed in last week’s press conference, “The journey that [Davina’s] going on is just beginning. She is about to embark on a journey that will sort of put her at odds with everyone and create some new surprisingly new friendships and new alliances that we maybe did not see coming.”

During a special set visit coordinated and provided for courtesy of Warner Bros. Television, co-star Danielle Campbell talked about Davina’s chaffing under the control of both Marcel and Elijah and her upcoming attempt to take her own power back.

Is Davina getting out of her church safe-house/prison anytime soon?
DANIELLE: (Laughs) A little bit.

We’re heard that one of the episodes is about the women characters taking their power back. What is Davina’s role in that?
DANIELLE: Davina figures out that she’s a pawn to everybody. After find that out, she’s done being used and she just wants a life for herself. She just wants all this to go away. She kind of takes the few friends that she knows and trusts and she takes back her life the only way that she believes she can. She confronts everyone and just calls them out on their game. That includes Elijah (Daniel Gillies).

Davina has been learning some new magic to control her powers. Are we going to see more of that?
DANIELLE: You definitely are. In each episode you’re going to see her increasing power. You’re going to see more and more of what she can do.

How does that jive with the fact that Davina’s on a clock and is going to lose it all?
DANIELLE: Right. To her, she’s been betrayed by the witches, so she doesn’t believe anything that they told her. All she knows is that she’s been lied to by her so-called family and she now has all this power that she’s stuck with. She knows that they are running on a clock and that if anything the witches said were true, than all of it will be gone by a certain time. All she wants is to be that normal girl and she wants to wait it out and make it all go away.

She may feel like she was betrayed by the witches, but they were her family for so long. Is there not any sort of lingering feeling of loyalty towards them? Sophie (Daniella Pineada) did try to stop the harvest.
DANIELLE: I think she knows Sophie’s true intentions are to bring back her true family — which is Monique — and I think Davina knows that she’d have to die for that to happen. So Davina feels completely betrayed and she just wants to live. She’s a strong fighting girl, who wants the life that she deserves to have.

What can you share about Davina and Tim and their romance?
DANIELLE: I really like the young love because in all THE ORIGINAL stuff that you’ve seen playing out so far, it’s about family and taking back the city, and this is the first time you see that’s really just about innocent, young love. I think it just really grabs everyone’s heart. Everyone knows in the scenes between Davina and Tim are a love that won’t work out, but they want it so bad. Everyone remembers their first love and I think it is what makes it that much more capturing and exciting.

So Davina is prioritizing love over her own culture with the witches?
DANIELLE: I think ever since the Harvest that Davina decided she wanted to be normal and doesn’t want to have anything to do with witchcraft. As seen in the scenes with Elijah (Daniel Gillies), she just wants to be a normal girl and part of that is having that crush on Tim. She just wants a normal life with normal friends, crushes and love. I think that’s what she wants. But whatever a character really wants, they never really get.

With Davina kind of working behind Marcel’s back with Elijah, what is coming up with her relationship with Marcel?
DANIELLE: Marcel saved Davina’s life, so I think she is always going to look out for Marcel’s best interests at heart. But I also now think she’s starting to look out for herself. The witches’ power is something she is just now discovering about herself. So she’s always going to want to protect Marcel, but her best interests are to look out for herself as well.

What is it like working in scenes with Joseph Morgan as Klaus?
DANIELLE: The thing about Joseph is he can just act to a wall and your jaw drops just watching him. He’s great. He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever met.

Do you have a favorite Original?
DANIELLE: Klaus is the one you hate to root for and yet want to root for just because of his character. You love him and also hate him at the same time. To be honest, you can’t choose just one Original. You love them all and they are all so different. That’s why you love them.

To see to what extent Davina really begins to break free and assert herself and her power be sure to tune in for all new episodes of THE ORIGINALS on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on the CW.

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