HAVEN: Part 2 of Interviews With Star Eric Balfour and Writer Shernold Edwards On Season 4’s Surprises (2013)


As HAVEN fans saw in last week’s episode “Crush,” Duke (Eric Balfour) and Jennifer’s (Emma Lahana) relationship took a decidedly romantic turn. For the girl who kept hearing voices in her head, which helped in rescuing Audrey (Emily Rose), Jennifer has become an integral part of their everyday HAVEN lives. She even joined the Haven Herald as a cub reporter and has called Duke’s boat home. After all they had gone through, including the near murderous attack by Duke’s brother Wade (Christian Camargo), it was hardly a wonder that some feelings had been triggered. But as Duke and Jennifer finally kissed in last week’s episode, that was no mere tentative embrace. It was full on roaring passion and television screens were simmering from the heat. But just what does that mean? Is Duke’s proclaimed love for Audrey now gone and is he finally moving on?

In part 2 of the exclusive interview from the set, star Eric Balfour talked about the prospects of the Duke/Jennifer romance:

Then in anticipation of this week’s episode “William,” written by Shernold Edwards, she gives some clues about what to expect as Colin Ferguson’s enigmatic character William returns:

While both Eric and Shernold were careful about revealing any major spoilers, it is interesting to see how both allude to some darker stories about to play out as HAVEN races towards its Season 4 finale. Perhaps there will be more than a few bumpy moments ahead in the Duke/Jennifer romance as William returns — with Sinister Man and Heavy are moving closer and stirring up trouble — literally as somehow they seem to be connected to the Troubles spreading and infecting more inhabitants of Haven.

With various cast members describing the remainder of this season as “dangerous,” “conflicted,” and even more strongly, “contagion,” things on HAVEN are looking to be even more dark and ominous.

To see whether Nathan (Lucas Bryant) survived that alarming gunshot sound from last week’s cliffhanger and what the return of William means for Audrey, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of HAVEN this Friday, November 8th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.

Also, in case you missed them, here’s where to see parts 1 of the interviews with Eric Balfour and Shernold Edwards:

Eric Balfour video interview (part 1):

Shernold Edwards video interview (part 1):

Also fun is this video interview with guest-star Colin Ferguson:


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