REIGN: Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling Dish on the Family Drama, Political Intrigue, and Romantic Entanglements That Lie Ahead (2013)

(Article by: Sarah Stephens)

All hail, REIGN! CW’s decadent quasi-historical drama is all kinds of yum. Let me count the ways we love it- the sweeping locations, the gorgeous medieval wear, multiple love triangles, the courtly parties, the intrigue of the betrayals and betrothals. Let’s start with last week’s searing kiss between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Prince Francis, heir to France’s throne. (FINALLY, right?) REIGN is heating up. And while their interpretation of the real history of Mary, Queen of Scots, is about as loose as Lady Kenna’s corset strings, the show is almost too fun to really care.

If you’re like us, you can’t get enough, which means we’re happy to bring you a platter full of spoilers fitting a banquet in King Henry’s court. During a recent press interview show executive producers Laurie McCarthy and Brad Silberling to chat about what other delicious tidbits we’ll see on REIGN this season. Hint: the love triangles aren’t going away anytime soon.

Let’s dive in with that. How are things heating up with Mary, Prince Francis and his half-brother Bash? Laurie told us “It’s a slower burn, but it’s burning. It’s always there. Bash has a connection to some of the things going on in the woods and that will bring some danger into the castle and conflict with Francis. It’s all centered on his affection for Mary, his desire for Mary.” She went on to say “There’s a structural flaw in the engagement of Mary and Francis. They come into this knowing they have to marry each other, allowed to fall for each other, and then realizing they’re not in fact masters of their own destiny. That is just ripe for a lot of hurt feelings and acting out.” Mary, Francis and Bash aren’t the only ones with romantic intrigue going on. Brad made specific mention of lady-in-waiting Lola. “Lola’s a free agent. So stand by there.”

So far on REIGN, the delicate balance of court gets an upheaval every time a visitor comes to town. We asked who else we can expect to see this season. Laurie said “Francis has a past. We’ll be introduced to someone from his past who comes to court.” They also went onto to talk about some of Mary’s family, like Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth of England. “Eventually. I wouldn’t say way, way in the future but probably not this season.” Brad added to that. “But she casts her shadow heavily over the next six episodes.”

How about some of Mary’s more immediate family? Laurie confirmed we’re going to meet Mary’s mother, who is back in Scotland ruling while Mary is maintaining foreign relations by getting married. Brad teased “That’s a fantastic character. When she does come to court, you can imagine that personality. You can imagine Catherine and those two together. It’s fantastic.” Laurie went on. “Because what does it do to a person to give their daughter away at the age of 6? You know, if you’re trading her away for your nation’s safety. What kind of person would do that or if you’re not that kind of person, what would it do to you once you’ve done that? Catherine might start to look like a very warm mother soon.”

Speaking of everyone’s favorite queen to hate, we got the scoop on what will be happening with Catherine this season. Laurie teased “There are so many things, you cannot believe. She has a marriage you could say is on pretty shaky ground. At a time when your marriage is on shaky ground and you’re a queen, a great option for your husband is to have you beheaded. So she’s going to be in a fight for her life over the course of this season.” Not to forget about the Queen’s trusty advisor-prophet-right hand man, Nostradamus, Laurie continued. “She uses Nostradamus to guide her. But they’re headed for some conflict as well because he’s kept some secrets from her. He’s got a lot of secrets. “

Could one of those secrets tie back to Clarissa, the phantom of the castle? Thus far she’s proven to be a watchful protector but is she really a friend? Laurie gave us some background on Clarissa. “You learn some of the lore the people of the castle believe about her and we’ll see her intermittently throughout the series and obviously get closer and closer to the truth about her existence. She’s mercurial. She’s a fierce protector but maybe not the most grounded friend you’d ever have. She’s got a rich backstory that’s tied to the castle and tied to Nostradamus.” Laurie and Brad went on to tease that the relationship between Clarissa and Nostradamus will come to the forefront in the first thirteen episodes of this season.

Laurie and Brad talked a little bit about the events we’ll see at the castle. Expect a Big Happening every episode. (YES!) They teased about weddings, feasts, and witch burnings. “I think it’s going to feel like a roller coaster ride.” Laurie said. “There’s so many big events and so many twists and turns. I can’t quite say what they are.”

Whatever they are, we can’t wait. Tune in to REIGN Thursdays at 9/8pm on the CW.

Sarah Stephens’ first and longest running TV addiction is with Days of Our Lives, starting at the age of four. Now a grown-up entertainment and pop culture addict, Sarah lives in Los Angeles where she watches too much TV, chases after all things Disney and writes. Follow her on Twitter @SnowWhite22.

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