GRIMM: David Giuntoli, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf Interview re Season 3 (2013)

(Article by: Sarah Stephens)

NBC’s fairy-tale homicide cop drama GRIMM comes back on Friday, Oct 25th at 9pm for the third season. The crew at NBC threw a little Halloween bash to preview a new episode of season three and got to attend. Sitting down with the number one Grimm David Giuntoli and executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, we got a little taste of what to expect in season three. They teased on some fun new Wesen and what changes we’ll see from Nick, Monroe, Juliette this year, not to mention the Royals. We don’t want to get too spoiler-y, so let’s just dive into the highlights. In fact, if you don’t want to be spoiled for season 3, best stop here.

Nick will be going through some changes due to what he went through last season. Green goo in your face will do that to you. Expect to see him be a more formidable Grimm, which will have good and bad results throughout the season. His relationship with Capt. Renard may get icy due to trust problems, but there are bigger issues to come. Cpt. Rendard, part Royal, part Wesen, will be playing sides to get what he wants and may have an ace in his pocket when it comes to Nick very early on in the season.

Monroe and Rosalee are making steps forward! But can two different Wesen breeds have a good relationship or even…mate? That will get interesting. Stay tuned to find out if we’ll hear wedding bells later on this season.

There are new Wesen, new mythology and bigger baddies on the horizon. Executive producer David Greenwalt and David Giuntoli teased about sexy but dangerous mermaids, exorcisms, new creatures from Latin and Filipino folklore and a Christmas episode “for the ages.”

What about the Royals trying to get their hands on a Grimm, especially Prince Eric? It’s a little telling now that actor James Frain is moving over for multiple episodes on SLEEPY HOLLOW. David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf teased about more royals and a new recurring role for Alexis Denisof (ANGEL), reigning over Europe. Time will tell if we’ll see him in Portland.

How about Monroe, Nick and their unlikely friendship? The producers tease about some issues to come and a real look at whether Nick and Monroe are true friends. Could Nick just be using Monroe or is their friendship real? In the first few action-packed episodes, we’ll see some battles between the two. A couple of which David Giuntoli teased he was glad he had a stunt double to go up against Silas Weir Mitchell.

Don’t look for Nick’s core in-the-know team to expand anytime soon. But the producers did tease a tumultuous episode for Sgt. Woo and some people coming to town ready to upset the order.

Will the Royals get their hands on a Grimm? The producers wouldn’t say but they did give us a hint that whoever controls a Grimm has a lot of power. The search for the keys, tying back to when the Grimms once served the royals, will continue throughout the season.

David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf gave a quick sum-up of what to expect from season three: No one is who they appear to be, relationships will be changing and they’re expanding out of Portland to look at bigger, worldwide problems in this fairytale world. Season three is about acceptance for Nick and more changes to come. But overall, expect it to be fun, evolving, different and full of spooky surprises.

Sarah Stephens’ first and longest running TV addiction is with Days of Our Lives, starting at the age of four. Now a grown-up entertainment and pop culture addict, Sarah lives in Los Angeles where she watches too much TV, chases after all things Disney and writes. Follow her on Twitter @SnowWhite22.

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