SONS OF ANARCHY: Season 6 Is Their Darkest Season Yet (2013)

"Sons of Anarchy"
“Sons of Anarchy”

In their darkest hour, will a hero emerge?  If so, it is a long time coming for the SAMCRO club.  Tara (Maggie Siff) and Clay (Ron Perlman) are in jail, both uncertain they can face the daily rigors of incarcerated life.  Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and his crew have step into more trouble than they ever anticipate with their attempts to go legit and sever ties with the seedier aspects of their business ventures. And Otto (Kurt Sutter) continues to pay severely for his murder of Lee Toric’s (Donal Logue) sister last season.  Lee’s vengeance knows no bounds and even a jail cell will not protect either Tara or Otto.  Lee wants to destroy SAMCRO and everyone with ties to it — and it looks like he just might, even if he has to kill each one himself along the way.

But Lee Toric is not the only problem hovering over the SAMCRO world. The feds are sniffing around anxious to revive the RICO case and various criminal factions are still itching to bite away at SAMCRO’s lucrative businesses.  Even Nero (Jimmy Smits) cannot lay claim to a well-oiled business machine as one incident after another seems to embroil him deeper into the sinister world he wanted to leave behind. And the stalwart Gemma (Katey Sagal) seems shaken as she watches with horror and impotence at the crumbling sanctity of SAMCRO.  With Jax having stepped up and successfully ousted Clay, and framing Clay for Damon Pope’s (Harold Perrineau) murder, the club is divided.  Jax may rule, but there is growing dissension in the SAMCRO ranks.  Bobby, Chibbs, Tig and Juice are barely able to process the sudden change of rulers and the change of how the club is being run.  Tig’s (Kim Coates) fate is tied to Jax for now, and Chibbs (Tommy Flanagan) just wants to go with the flow.  But Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) and Juice are wild-cards.  Bobby wants to run and Juice (Theo Rossi) may be looking for a new home if his fellow SAMCRO brothers cannot forgive him in his part in setting up Clay.

Season 5 was akin to watching the slow unraveling of SAMCRO, it is just that they have not quite realized it yet.  All roads have lead to the point where Season 6 places them — and their world is about to be blown apart.  One gun, one shot, and the house of cards that John Teller built shall come crumbling down.  The danger was never from the drugs, the girls, or any of the illicit high-jinks of SAMCRO, but rather by their involvement in the gun-running.  Jax always knew that guns would be the death of them one day, but even he could not have foreseen just how.

Season 6 is jaw-droppingly shocking.  There’s more senseless violence, more evidence of depravity in the criminals circling SAMCRO’s precious world, and more heart-break to be rained down upon them all.

Here are a few video interviews with the cast at the Season 6 premiere as they try to describe how dark this season is going to get:

Maggie Siff:

Lamonica Garrett:

Mark Boone Junior:

Michael Ornstein:

Paris Barclay:

Peter Weller:

Rockmond Dunbar:

Theo Rossi:

Tommy Flanagan:

Winter Ave Zoli:

There’s a saying that “hell is a place on Earth” and this season, hell has found its home in Charming.  To see how SAMCRO weathers this latest, terrifying storm of violence and repercussions for all their bad choices, be sure to tune in for the Season 6 premier of SONS OF ANARCHY on Tuesday, September 10th on FX.  (VIEWER DISCRETION is advised.  Do not take this warning lightly.)

Fantastic photos from the Season 6 premiere event red carpet can be seen HERE.

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"Sons of Anarchy"
“Sons of Anarchy”
"Sons of Anarchy"
“Sons of Anarchy”
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