HAVEN: Adam Copeland Talks Season 4 and the Fun of Filming the Show (2013)

Adam Copeland (photo credit: Tiffany Vogt)
Adam Copeland (photo credit: Tiffany Vogt)

As a former WWE wrestling champion, Adam Copeland is tickled to his toes that his role as Dwight Hendrickson has become a larger part of the story and vital role on HAVEN.  Dwight is no longer just the “trouble”-plagued town’s “cleaner,” he is one of the town’s heroes.  In the absence of Duke (Eric Balfour), Audrey (Emily Rose) and even Nathan (Lucas Bryant), it is Dwight who steps up to keep the peace and help out.  Having been one the keepers of the town’s secrets and knowing how to keep a lid on “troubles” from boiling over, Dwight is the natural choice.  So the expanding role is a source of delight for co-star Adam Copeland, who was bumped up to series regular as of the show’s fourth season.

Adam likes to describe his character Dwight as a former Army Ranger and “bullet magnet,” but what really makes him happy is how Dwight will unhesitatingly step up and protect those in need of help — from anyone.  After all, the “troubles” do not faze him as he has been cleaning up their messes for years. But even as the town’s designated protector Dwight does not know all of HAVEN’s secrets.  Adam laughingly admits that the only ones who might are the Teague brothers, Vince and Dave (Richard Donat and John Dunsworth).

While the Teagues are actual brothers on the show, Adam likes to describe the relationship that Dwight has with Nathan and Duke as akin to a brotherly relationship too — they are the mischievous brothers that Dwight has to straighten out once in while or to rescue from various “troubles.”  That then makes Audrey like his little sister, and Dwight would do anything for her too.  That unusual family dynamic has played out well and makes perfect sense in Dwight’s world.  He cannot worry about whether there is a Team Duke or Team Nathan, he is all Team Dwight and Team Haven.

When asked how would the newest HAVEN member Colin Ferguson’s character William fit into the odd Haven-style family dynamic, Adam said that he might be a distant relation that they do not know much about yet.  Though he only had glowing things to share about Colin, whose natural warmth he felt translated well on-screen.

Adam was careful not to reveal any spoilers about the upcoming Season, but from the few hints he shared, we are all dying to see what Dwight is up to now!

To hear more from Adam directly, here is the video interview for your viewing pleasure:

HAVEN returns for its 4th season on Friday, September 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.  #DiscoverHaven

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