HAVEN: Meet Colin Ferguson, Special Guest-Star in Season 4 (2013)

Colin Ferguson
Colin Ferguson

For a show entering its 4th season, the addition of new cast members immediately makes one think: will they be a villain or a love-interest?  Yet in talking with HAVEN’s special guest-star Colin Ferguson, there may be yet another role that his character occupies in Season 4: the mystery.  Ask anyone associated with the show who Colin’s character is and you’ll hear a lot of different descriptions.  Even after having watched the filming of one episode, I could not put my finger on who his character is.  So in everyone’s mind, Colin’s character William is the big mystery of Season 4.

During our interview, Colin was practically bouncing off walls with excitement for the fans to meet William.  It is a role that he clearly relishes and he is unbelievably pleased to be invited to be a part of the HAVEN family this season. Even he is happy to not know all the answers as he began to film on the show as he too loves the journey and peeling back the layers of the character and mysteries one piece at a time.  It gave him a lot of room to explore the character and play in various scenes with different tones as he was never quite sure whether his character was bringing the light or the darkness to each scene.  He likes being the chameleon that can be anything from scene to scene and the freedom it gave him in his role.

When asked if he thought Season 4 was darker than prior seasons, Colin laughingly disputed that description noting that it would be harder to be darker than Season 3 with the Bolt-Gun Killer and the high body count that left in its wake.  In fact, he thought his role brought a bit of sunshine into this next season.

Regardless of the tension of light and dark in Season 4 and what the big mystery is surrounding his character William, Colin is loving working with the cast and crew of HAVEN.  While off-set they are all a lively bunch with strong funny-bones and great senses of humor, he also loves how dedicated they are to their work and the emphasis on doing a great job in each scene.  There is pride in their work and he admires that.

What fans may be intrigued to know about Colin is that he has been a HAVEN fan himself longer than anyone else.  He was at the first premiere party for HAVEN before it ever aired and has been to each season’s premiere and finale party since.  His long-time friendship with executive producer Shawn Piller gave him a special access pass to the HAVEN world and he has loved the show from the very beginning.  So it was with great pleasure that he got invited to join the show during the fourth season and bring the character of William to life.  He is just beside himself to see what the fans think of William and hope they will embrace him as warmly as he has.

To hear more from Colin about his experiences working on HAVEN this season, be sure to check out this exclusive interview:

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