HAVEN: Shawn Piller Provides Clues for Season 4 (2013)

Executive Producer Shawn Piller
Executive Producer Shawn Piller

Any avid television fan knows that the holder of a TV show’s secrets are the producers and writers.  So it was quite a coup to get a few minutes to speak with executive producer Shawn Piller about what adventures and mysteries HAVEN Season 4 offers.  True to form, there were a lot of hints, but not really any spoilers as Shawn truly believes that fans love to be surprised.

When asked about what the big mystery of Season 4 may be, Shawn explained that prior season mysteries focused on the search for identity and self-discovery.  In fact, HAVEN’s heroine Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is a constant state of discovering who she used to be.  She has lived many lives before and this season, the show will explore how those past lives will start to inform Audrey as to who she is in the present.  It is the age-old question of: are we the sum of our experiences or are we imbued with an inner soul that makes us who we are?

Shawn also said that in Season 3, there was a clock on Audrey, but Season 4 will feel like there is a ticking clock on the town of Haven.  So Season 4 will feel heightened in danger and the level of jeopardy for each of the characters.

Season 4 also introduces the new character of William (portrayed by Colin Ferguson).  Shawn admitted he was always intrigued by the idea of an omnipresent being and he wanted to add an element of that into HAVEN through William.  Whether William is “troubled” or something else entirely, or perhaps just a man with a bit of trickster side, that remains to be seen.  William, along with the search for Audrey, will be a big part of Season 4.  Curiously, when looking to cast the role of William, they only had Colin Ferguson in mind.  The unique combination of heart and humanity was something that Colin just offered innately.  So the story of William kind of sets things in motion and will build towards the big Season 4 climax at the end of the season.

Lest anyone think that the mystery of the barn has been forgotten, Shawn reassured that a lot will be revealed about the barn this season.  He also hinted that it is not what people may think it is.  As for the hanging story of Sarah’s son, The Colorado Kid, and his murderous wife, that may not be fully answered this season, but will come back around at some point in HAVEN’s ongoing journey.

In explaining the 6-month time jump between the Season 3 finale and the beginning of Season 4, Shawn explained that it was important to show the aftermath and consequences for each of the characters.  For example, when Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) shot Agent Howard (Maurice Dean Wint), there have been repercussions from that and the time jump allowed for giving those repercussions more weight.  So Nathan will be in a darker place when we see him again.

However, before fans start to worry that Season 4 will be all about the darkness and destruction in the wake of the barn disappearance, Shawn reassured that HAVEN knows perfectly well that its fans love the moments of levity and the comedy involving its characters too. So they have made a point of adding in humor in funny, weird ways.  They just love gallows humor and the awkward comedy that their show can offer just by being HAVEN.

To hear Shawn talk about all these interesting tidbits, you can watch his video interview:

Season 4 of HAVEN returns on Friday, September 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. Mark your calendar! This is the perfect time to #DiscoverHaven!

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Shernold Edwards and Shawn Piller (photo credit: Tiffany Vogt)
Shernold Edwards and Shawn Piller (photo credit: Tiffany Vogt)
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