HAVEN: Season 3 DVD Release of HAVEN (with Special Edition Collector’s comicbook) (2013)


Some dates are to be remembered. This year the dates line up with 3’s for September 3rd marks the date of the Season 3 release of Syfy’s supernatural series HAVEN on DVD and Blu-ray.  Then if you wanted to really trip your mind out, consider this:  Haven’s 4th season returns September 13th (Friday the 13th), airs 13 episodes ending  December 13th (another Friday the 13th).  So there’s something to be said about the number 3 this year.

Yet it bodes lots of great things for fans of HAVEN.  The Season 3 DVD release also includes a special edition collector’s comic book (written by HAVEN’s own, Nick Parker), which will fill-in the critical six month period after Audrey Parker and Duke Crocker disappeared into that blasted barn at the end of Season 3.  Six months.  A lot can happen in six months.  It’s another set of 3’s.  Three plus three and you have that critical six months.  3 essential lives at stake:  Audrey and Duke in the vanishing barn, and Nathan Wuornos left dying bullet-ridden.  It was a hell of a cliffhanger.  Yet if one remembers correctly, the entire third season was pretty much a giant cliffhanger.  It was the unfolding story of The Colorado Kid and every piece of the puzzle of who that was and how he related to Audrey, Nathan and Duke sent shock-waves and dastardly ripple-effects throughout all their lives.


Season 3 also introduced the Bolt-Gun Killer and throughout the entire season, a long trail of dead bodies was left in the BGK’s wake.  A skin-walker seeking her lost-love and to escape the curse of her awful “trouble,” it was the ultimate dilemma:  do we sympathize with a woman only seeking to live happily-ever-after or do we condemn her for the multitude of sins and bodies that she left in her wake?  Even the forgiving and understanding Audrey Parker seemed perplexed by that quandary.

But there ended up being no time to contemplate the fate of the BGK skin-walker.  The clock was ticking down on Audrey — and Duke and Nathan were doing everything in their power to stop her from vanishing from their lives.  It resulted in two desperate choices:  Duke jumping into the vortex with Audrey while Nathan shot and killed Agent Howard hoping to stop the inevitable barn disappearing act.  The hail of bullets echoed amidst the falling meteorites.  Haven was in dire straits and our heroes seemed at a loss to stop the mass destruction and save themselves as the clock ran out.

HAVEN Season 1 set up the mystery of Audrey Parker and introduced the intertwined destinies of Nathan Wuornos and Duke Crocker, the two men destined to save her.  Yet even as the mystery of Audrey Parker began to draw them deeper and deeper into Haven’s history, Season 2 brought more revelations as to each of their roles.  Duke discovered he had the ability to cure the “troubled,” but only by killing them to save their children and future generations.  Nathan discovered that just because he could feel Audrey that it did not mean that he could keep her all to himself.  Audrey was not just a mystery, she was the salvation for Haven’s “troubled.”  It was only through her love and sacrifice that the “troubles” could be assuaged for a time.  So Season 3 was about trying to save Audrey from her own troubling curse and see if they could save her and Haven at the same time.

Yet the Season 3 finale reminded everyone that not even the best intentions or even the strongest love could stop a curse that had been wreaking havoc for centuries.  There was too much at stake.

So Season 4 is the mystery of “where’s Audrey?” and will she even remember the life she had in Haven, or is she lost to them forever.

The Season 3 DVD set is the perfect way to refresh and rediscover the revelations about Audrey, the Colorado Kid, the Bolt-Gun Killer, and what sacrifices everyone had to make to try to stop that clock on Audrey’s life.  Order your DVD set today, which includes a 16-page special edition comic book providing the clues that lead viewers and fans into Season 4.  Other fun bonus features included:

"Haven: After the Storm"
“Haven: After the Storm”

• The Haunting Truth About Haven: A Documentary
• “Escape to Haven” Webisode Series
• Deleted/Alternate Scenes
• Six Audio Commentaries with the Writers
• Interviews with the Cast and Guest Stars
• HAVEN Panel from New York Comic Con
• Behind-the-Scenes footage
• Blooper Reel

The 16-page comic entitled “Haven: After the Storm” is an original story by Nick Parker from the HAVEN writing team. It picks-up immediately following Season 3’s dramatic cliffhanger and provides the perfect bridge to the events surrounding this coming season’s premiere episode. “Haven: After the Storm” features pencils and inks by Steve Ellis (The Only Living Boy, The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning) and cover art by Scott Hampton (Batman, Hellboy). The comic was facilitated by Quixotic Transmedia and edited by Quixotic’s CEO Joe LeFavi (Immortals: Gods and Heroes).

Also mark your calendar for Season 4 of HAVEN, which premieres Friday, September 13th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.  #DiscoverHaven today!

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