FALLING SKIES: A Spy Is Revealed (2013)

"Falling Skies"
“Falling Skies”

In tonight’s new episode of FALLING SKIES, the question that has been hovering on everyone’s minds will be answered: who is the mole?  For weeks, we have seen the destruction wrought by the spy in their midst, including the death of Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn).  With suspicions running high since both Tom (Noah Wyle) and his son Hal (Drew Roy) have been discovered to have had eye bugs infecting them at one point or another, the spy could literally be anyone.  Some are still suspicious that even Tom or Hal could still be an unknowing spy for the enemy — after all, they are the ones who have had the most contact with Karen (Jessy Schram) and she is definitely not herself these days either.

With Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and Alexis missing, Tom only has thoughts of his missing wife and daughter.  Having resigned as the President and leaving everything in Peralta’s (Gloria Reuben) capable hands, the time has come for Tom to pursue his missing family.  Since suspicions are high and no one quite feels ready to trust the Mason family, not after both Tom and Hal were found with alien eye bugs, Ben (Connor Jessup) with his harness spikes and the revelation that Anne and Tom’s daughter Alexis is half-alien, this is the perfect time for the Masons to get out of Charleston.

But it is a big, bad world out there.  Outside of Charleston and away from the 2nd Mass, there are more than just aliens to fear and worry about.  Renegade survivors lurk in the shadows and they do not understand that working together is much better than fending for themselves.  Additionally, the Espheni surely know that Tom and Hal are on their way.  Anne and Alexis are the perfect bait.  Spy or no, spy nothing is going to keep Tom from trying to rescue his family.

Yet even with the Masons removed from Charleston, the 2nd Mass, Peralta and the rest of the survivors are not safe.  The spy remains and what they do next will shock everyone.  Two familiar faces return and it provokes a political situation that makes things unpleasant for everyone.  Also adding fuel to the fire of political unrest is Pope (Colin Cunningham), who just cannot sit still for one second and vocally expresses his distrust of the Volm at every opportunity.

However, who should they fear more?  The Masons? The Volm? Or the spy hiding in their midst?  Once the identity of the spy is revealed, it will send shockwaves throughout their tiny community.

To find out who the spy is and what trouble awaits before the spy is discovered, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of FALLING SKIES on Sunday, July 14th at 10:00 p.m. on TNT.

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"Falling Skies"
“Falling Skies”
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