DO NO HARM: One Man With Two Identities Struggling for Dominance (2013)


Dr. Jason Cole (Steven Pasquale) has a terrible secret: he’s living two lives. By day, he is a world-renown neurosurgeon; by night, he is a wandering sociopath looking for ways to destroy all that he loves. But it is not his fault. Diagnosed with split personality disorder, Jason’s life is consumed with keeping his alter-ego Ian Price at bay.

"Do No Harm"
“Do No Harm”

In a modern Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tale, DO NO HARM takes viewers into a world where one may is desperately trying to find a way to escape his deep, dark curse. Successfully having kept his alt-persona buried for the past 5 years, time has run out as the serum used to keep Ian slumbering has begun to fade. Ian has built up a tolerance to the medication and it will no longer keep him chained inside. So at the stroke of 8:25 each night, Dr. Jason Cole becomes someone else entirely – his worst nightmare.

So who is Ian Price? And what does he want? He wants the same exact thing as Jason: to live his life free of the other man occupying his body. In an unusual tale of hunter-stalking-prey, both Jason and Ian are struggling to kill their alter-self. Each just wants to live their own life without the other, and each will go to extreme lengths to get rid of or to discredit the other.

For Jason, he claims to be the hero as he is the one who claims a top ranking medical position and who the world believes to be a savior in his field. He has also found a humane way to deal with Ian; he put Ian to sleep for a while. But Ian, also believes he is the hero in this demented fairytale. He thinks Jason is the cruel one having effectively tried to erase Ian from the face of the planet – including ripping Ian away from his family.

"Do No Harm"
“Do No Harm”

But right away, it becomes apparent that Ian has forfeit his claim, as he was not the saint he wants everyone to believe he is. He is in fact a monster, who his family fled from and now tries desperately to forget he ever existed – and Jason is doing his best to keep them safe from the rage-filled Ian.

So as DO NO HARM revisits the fractured world of Jason Cole and Ian Price, we see what happens when a caged beast finally gets free. Just how far will Ian go to repay Jason for keeping him asleep for 5 years? Even Jason is terrified to find out. With the epithet “do no harm” scrawled across a bathroom mirror, Jason tries to remind Ian of that one ironclad moral obligation that Ian must abide by. Yet Ian does not feel so constrained to the man who held him captive and only wishes to rain down as much pain and suffering on Jason as he can during the 12-hour window he is free each night.

This all bodes badly for Jason’s co-workers, peers and patients. Exactly how much damage can Ian wreak? No one truly wants to find out.

To see more of the eternal struggle of Dr. Jason Cole versus his alter-identity Ian Price, be sure to tune in for the premiere of DO NO HARM on Thursday, January 31st at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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