HAVEN: Has The Colorado Kid’s Father Been Revealed? (2012)


After the now infamous HAVEN episode “Sarah” aired, all fans want to know is if Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) did actually have intimate relations with Audrey Parker’s former self Sarah, when he was zapped back to 1955 – and better yet, if the offspring from that liaison is James Cogan, aka The Colorado Kid?

From everything we know so far, it is entirely possible because Sarah Vernon (Emily Rose) never told anyone who the father of her son James was before she vanished leaving James to be raised by the kindly June Cogan in Colorado. In addition, Sarah seemed only too willing to seize the day and cherish whatever sweet moments she could with Nathan before he returned to his own timeline.

Yet when the Bolt-Gun Killer told Audrey as he held her captive that she was not the only one who loved The Colorado Kid, it makes us wonder: why would the Bolt-Gun Killer love The Colorado Kid too? Or did someone else love The Colorado Kid who is using the Bolt-Gun Killer to track him down?

Surely it would be too coincidental for Nathan to be the father; so what if Sarah had met another person during her short stay in Haven and he were The Colorado Kid’s father? That may explain why Lucy helped fake James Cogan’s death in 1983, as depicted in the famous newspaper clipping showing Lucy standing by his lifeless body. It was also a day that everyone conveniently cannot remember. Someone may have used their “troubled” ability to help erase that day from everyone’s memories allowing the newspaper article to stand as a true accounting of the incident, giving James a chance to escape and live – free from whoever may be hunting him.

While it is a sweet idea to imagine that Nathan could be the father of Audrey’s child from another lifetime, does it really explain the brutal precision with which the Bolt-Gun Killer (BGK) is tracking James down? Only two emotions drive a person so single-mindedly: love and revenge — and the BGK told Audrey that someone else loved James. What kind of love drives a person to commit such heinous acts of torture, mutilation and killing? The love of a father denied a life with his son perhaps? Does the BGK want to find his missing son and to punish the woman who separated him from James? Is that why the BGK is taking body parts and making a gory human mannequin that looks remarkably like Sarah?

Looking back at the clues of what we know about Sarah, one interesting detail emerges: from the episode “Fear and Loathing” in the first season of HAVEN, Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth) saw the face of Sarah when he imagined his greatest fear. Why would his brother Vince Teagues (Richard Donat) remember Sarah so fondly, whereas Dave remembers her with such fear? What did Sarah ever do to Dave to inspire such a powerful emotion? Because everyone seemed to have loved Sarah, except for perhaps the one man she continues to run from – the father of her son. Maybe Dave helped smuggle little baby James away from a now very angry father. It would help explain why Dave’s greatest fear is Sarah – he is fearful of that she could expose a crime he committed to help protect a child.

Yet it is all pure speculation. Especially to imagine that the BGK is The Colorado Kid’s father. But it does fit the clue being woven throughout this season. For why would the BGK love The Colorado Kid? Why would he be building a replicant of Sarah out of human body parts? Why would there have been an empty coffin buried where James Cogan’s body should have been? And why was the message “Find him before the Hunter” be scrawled in The Colorado Kid’s coffin by Lucy, if not to warn Audrey that Sarah’s son was in trouble?

The red-herring of this season seems to be the revelation that Tommy Bowen (Dorian Missick) was the Bolt-Gun Killer. But even Nathan discounted that when he pointed out that the video footage showed the arm of a white man with the Guard tattoo abducting the woman from the ATM machine; though Tommy did have a bolt-gun and he did try to kill Nathan when Nathan found it in the trunk of Tommy’s car. So what if Tommy was not working alone, or was a hired gun (so to speak) working for the Bolt-Gun Killer? Also that explosion of Tommy’s escape boat on the lake seemed too perfect a cover for Tommy to get away since no body was ever recovered. In Haven, all things are possible given that there is some supernaturally gifted folk roaming about. What if one of those Troubled had an ability that helped Tommy escape in order to carry out some greater dastardly plan?

With HAVEN counting down to its 3rd season finale on December 21st, there are only 4 episodes left to explain who The Colorado Kid’s father really is and why the Bolt-Gun Killer is on such a warpath to find him. Surely the true identity of the BGK and the role of Tommy Bowen will be explained, along with the all the other answers we are dying to find out.

So to find out the next piece of the puzzle, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of HAVEN, entitled “Burned” and written by Charles Ardai, on Friday, November 30th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.

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