HAVEN: The Clock Ticks Down On Audrey Parker (feat. video interviews with Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland) (2012)


The supernatural thriller series HAVEN upped its game in its third season by revealing that its hero Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) had only 46 more days before she vanishes from existence. For as Audrey just recently found out, in each of Audrey’s prior lives — 27 years ago when she was known as Lucy and three decades before that when she was known as Sarah — Audrey’s former selves mysteriously vanished after a comet known as The Hunter crossed the horizon.

In her short six-month stay in the sleepy town of Haven, Maine, this was by far the most terrifying prospect Audrey had encountered. As if coming face-to-face with the woman whose identity she inadvertently taken on was not startling enough, now Audrey has found out that her days in Haven are numbered.

Adding another dire layer to the mystery is a creepy serial-killer stalking Audrey and all those she holds dear. Having escaped her abductor once already, there is another clock ticking down on the fate of Audrey as the killer circles closer and closer. The one big clue we have so far is when her abductor asked Audrey, “Do you think you were the only one who loved The Colorado Kid?”

Suspicious and uncertain what such a cryptic remark meant, the grave of The Colorado Kid was dug up, revealing an empty coffin and the warning about The Hunter. Then dead bodies began popping up all around town – one without a nose and another without its hair – and the final scene from last week’s episode “Over Her Head” showed the deadbolt killer adding his newly-acquired gruesome trophies to a makeshift head. Just who is this guy and what on earth is he doing creating a body out of stolen body parts?

Is this truly HAVEN? Is this the world where “troubled” folk live and need a sympathetic person to keep their abilities at bay and from being unleashed on the unsuspected populace?

For the past 6 months, life for Audrey Parker and her partner Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) was all about containing and assisting the “troubled.” Everything had achieved a sense of normalcy as they helped each person deal with their “trouble.” Yet now, the game has changed irrevocably.

The second season finale revealed that their formerly innocuous and “trouble”-free ally Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) had the ability to remove a person’s trouble upon death, but it required a lethal blood-sacrifice. It would save future generations and countless lives, but the prospect of being turned into a killer that has shaken the fun-loving, formerly-carefree Duke to the core — particularly after Audrey manipulated Duke into being forced to take a life in order to save a “troubled” man’s children.

Then, as if the sudden change of fates for Audrey and Duke where not enough to rock our trio of heroes, Nathan’s fate changed with a twist of the kaleidoscope as well. That tattoo he got on his arm is not just some benign symbol, it is the mark of The Guard – an underground organization determined to protect the “troubled,” even if it means taking out anyone in their way.

In last week’s episode, Nathan met Jordan McKee (Kate Kelton), who holds the key to entering this secret society and finding out what they are really up to. Nathan is not only playing with fire trying to infiltrate such a notorious organization of “troubled” folk, he caught the interest of a dangerous young woman. Jordan’s ability is to cause searing pain with a single touch. Yet due to Nathan’s own “trouble” – he cannot feel anything – he is immune and, as he held her hand giving her the chance experience human contact without fear and loathing, a different kind of spark was struck. Just like when Audrey first touched Nathan and he felt her kiss, the intoxication of physical contact is overwhelming; and Jordan just discovered her newest addiction. Nathan could fall susceptible too – for it is a powerful thing to ease someone else’s pain and loneliness; and with Audrey pushing him away, becoming a part of Jordan’s life could be the natural course of a slow burning romance between two people seeking solace and a kindred spirit.

Is it a wonder that Dr. Claire Callahan (Bree Williamson) has suddenly made herself available virtually 24/7 to our heroes? With Audrey terrified that she may disappear, Duke filled with self-loathing over his family’s curse, and Nathan playing with fire with Jordan and The Guard, there is a need for a sound voice of reason.

Also the newest addition to Haven’s police department, Detective Tommy Bowen (Dorian Missick), only seems like the honest, good cop, which they need right now as things are about to explode. While note apparent on the surface, Tommy brings his own sort of turmoil and dead bodies to town — and that bodes badly for those around him as well.

Finally, the one person everyone can count on to have their backs and to clean up the “troubled” messes around town is Haven’s very own “cleaner” – Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland). Wary from his own past association with The Guard, and knowing firsthand how prickly Jordan can be, Dwight is a good guy to have on their side. But with Audrey, Duke and Nathan all on the verge of spiraling out in various directions, pulled by differing interests and emotional catalysts, Dwight may be on his own carrying the weight of Haven’s “troubled” burden.

And as they shall all soon see, they need each other now more than ever. This is not the time to retreat into isolation or to put up a brave front; this is the time to work together and come up with a strong plan to keep Audrey in Haven, to help Duke adjust to his new destiny, and to keep Nathan from falling from for the wrong girl. Death and destruction will only lie in wake of their disjointed paths.

Taking a few minutes to talk about their conflicted HAVEN characters at last weekend’s New York Comic-Con, stars Emily Rose, Eric Balfour, Adam Copeland and Lucas Bryant shared what troubles lie ahead for Haven’s heroes:

Eric Balfour and Emily Rose:

Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland:


Then, for the more curious who want to check out last weekend’s HAVEN panel at New York Comic-Con, a fan video of the entire Q&A from the event may be seen HERE. (posted at MultipleVersesVault). Additional video clips from the “Haven” panel at NYCC may be seen here (video credit: CelebrityMagnet0105): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

HAVEN airs Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. For the more savvy Twitter users, every Friday night various members of the cast, producers and writers of HAVEN participate in a live tweet during the East Cast and West Coast broadcasts, using the hashtag #EscapeToHaven — and all are welcome to join in the “troubled” fun!

In addition, be sure to tune in for the special Haunted Halloween episode of HAVEN on Friday, October 26th at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy. It is a special haunted house episode directed by Jason Priestley and guest-starring GAME OF THRONES’ Iain Glen.

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