PERSON OF INTEREST: Jonah Nolan and Amy Acker Interview re Season 2

As if the first couple of episodes of its second season were not enough to get our hearts pumping, PERSON OF INTEREST is looking to kick up things even further as the season continues. There will be a return appearance of Leon Sung (Ken Leung), more drama involving the nefarious Root (Amy Acker), and the crime boss Elias (Enrico Colantoni) continues to circle around as well. So our heroes Finch, Reese, Carter and Fusco are certain to have their hands full juggling not only all the people they need to save or stop as The Machine generates numbers, but also keeping one step ahead of their enemies as the net seems to be shrinking around them. Plus, just how autonomous is The Machine? Will it go rogue or is it loyal to its god-like ability to see-all and know-all and to keep helping save lives?

In recent interviews at New York Comic-Con with Senior West Coast Correspondent, co-creator and executive producer Jonah Nolan, along with guest star Amy Acker shared a few teasers about what is upcoming this season and the challenges our heroes and villains face:

To share in the excitement as the season unfolds, be sure to tune in for PERSON OF INTEREST on Thursday nights at 9PM on CBS (CityTV in Canada).

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