SUBURGATORY: Cheryl Hines and Carly Chaikin Interview re Season 2

In the sunny world of Chatswin, everything is a bit brighter, a little more colorful and filled with characters that bring a smile into our lives. Featuring the two widely-diverse families of down-to-earth George and Tessa Altman versus the fun-loving-frivolity of Dallas and Dalia Royce, hilarity ensues as they try to coexist in a tightly-knit community. George (Jeremy Sisto) had brought his teenage daughter Tessa (Jane) away from the bright-lights and fast-pace of the big city hoping to give her some solid roots and provide examples of good family upbringing. His intentions were well-meant, but Chatswin is a world unto itself, and a healthy lifestyle in Chatswin can mean keeping up with the uber-rich and adapting to an unexpectedly wild level of conformity.

Fortunately, the bright ray of sunshine that welcomes George and Tessa is Dallas (Cheryl Hines), who readily welcomed them and became a part of their lives. Alas, Dallas’ daughter Dalia (Carly Chaikin) did not feel as inclined to roll out the red carpet and had taken an instant dislike to Tessa for failing to fit into their carefully constructed social balance. As the show enters its second season, the widely different parenting examples and the Tessa/Dalia teenage détente continues to provide a source of fun comedy throughout the series.

In a recent interview both Cheryl and Carly talked about the Dallas and Dalia relationship and what is upcoming in the crazy world of Chatswin:

Having been privy to a recent table read of Episode 208 (“Black Thai”), there are a lot of fun storylines being explored on SUBURGATORY this season, including one of the characters finding out they were adopted and the funny ramifications of that reveal.

Then for fans who have been wondering who that lyrical voice is behind the show’s theme song, look no further than the musical talents of songstress Alih Jey. She along with composer Jared Faber are the creative talent that brought that catchy tune to life. Both can be found on Twitter under the names @alihjey and @jared_faber. Alih recently performed live one of her new songs “Cigarette” which was just exquisitely beautiful. Curious fans should check out her work at: to hear her new album “Tarte.”

Other fun teasers of the upcoming season include: a war over Carmen, as Dallas and Noah square off over keeping the miracle-worker nanny; an unexpected introduction to Malik’s family; and a kidnapping. But keep in mind, this is SUBURGATORY and as such everything is given its fun and crazy spin.

You’re invited to join in the SUBURGATORY shenanigans and adventures Wednesday nights as SUBURGATORY returns for its second season on October 17th at 9:30PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada)

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