BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: A Tale of Mystery, Love, and Human Mutation (feat. video interview with Jay Ryan) (2012)

"Beauty and The Beast"
“Beauty and The Beast”

Some heroes are born and some are made. For Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), he was a man drawn to be more than he was, both as a surgeon and a soldier; but he never foresaw that he would one day be transformed to something not quite human. Because heroism was in his DNA, that made him a natural candidate for a terrifying government experiment – one that he had no knowledge of until he began to change. Everyone dreams of being faster, stronger and to have special abilities; yet the day one finds they are so blessed is the day they may also discover they have been cursed. For Vincent, that day was a nightmare. The government he had so blindly trusted had altered his DNA, transforming him into the ultimate weapon – but the price he paid was that he was no longer entirely human anymore; and Vincent Keller, much to his horror, had become a monster.

In the series BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Vincent is but one half the story. The other belongs to a young police detective Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk). By a twist of fate, Catherine and Vincent’s destinies become intertwined one fateful day after he rescued her from a brutal attack. Nine years later, she found him again – but this time as a suspect in a murder investigation. Inexplicably drawn to Vincent, Catherine knows that there is something different about him; and unable to quite put her finger on what it is exactly, she hovers around Vincent trying to unravel the mystery.

As fans of the classic story know, Catherine and Vincent’s destinies have been written the stars. They are destined to be together and yet separated by the curse Vincent bears. But in this series, that curse may not be irreversible. If the government was able to create it, surely, there must be cure. Aiding Vincent in his quest is his old college roommate and friend, J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis). It has been a ten year journey to find the chemical antidote to reverse the effects, but so far that has been futile.

It is only once Catherine reenters Vincent’s life that the kaleidoscope shifts again. It was not just luck that led Vincent to rescue Catherine that fateful day; he was there for a reason. He had gone to meet someone – someone who had vital information that he needed for an antidote. So their lives are connected beyond just fortunate encounters; Catherine may hold the key to figuring out how to reverse Vincent’s transformation.

Struggle as they may against their destined love, Vincent and Catherine will discover that they have much more in common, and their love and destiny will take them on a dangerous journey.

In an exclusive interview, star Jay Ryan shared the obstacles Vincent and Catherine face and the burden Vincent bears:

Jay Ryan interview:

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“Beauty and the Beast” – Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders – SDCC (2012) from Tiffany Vogt on Vimeo.

Love is but a doorway to a wondrous life. Vincent and Catherine can feel it within their grasp and they will fight for that chance at happiness. But until the day a cure is found, Vincent shall bear the burden of the beast within – a beast that is uncontrollable when unleashed.

To see how the beautiful love story of Vincent and Catherine unfolds, be sure to tune in for the premiere of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Thursday, October 11th at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. Love is worth fighting for, even if it means slaying a beast.

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