SCANDAL: Cast interviews re Season 2 (2012)

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Last season’s mind-blowing cliffhanger on SCANDAL left viewers wondering all summer: who is Quinn Perkins? Fortunately, that mystery will be solved within seconds of the show’s return. What will then twist everyone’s brains into knots will be figuring out: who is behind the mystery of Quinn Perkins? Quinn’s identity is easy enough to establish, but who put her in the scandalous position she now finds herself in will be an even bigger mystery; and we’re not talking about the murder of Gideon Wallace. Quinn simply put is a “trouble magnet,” and it is a really good thing she has Olivia Pope on her side.

At a recent screening of the second season premiere at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, the cast of SCANDAL artfully dodged the question of Quinn’s identity and teased what other deliciously tantalizing scandals their characters will be involved in for this upcoming season.

With so many secrets hovering around each of the characters, it is easy to see why fans have been waiting with baited-breath for the show’s return. Just who are these mysterious characters that will do virtually anything to protect their clients and each other? Their fierce loyalty belies a great love and trust between them, which is rather intoxicating. No matter how seedy and unseemly the situation, we are dying of curiosity to see how Pope & Associates will dazzle us again as they maneuver to salvage their clients’ lives and careers. From the politician caught with his pants down to a woman seeking asylum, there is no length that they will not go to in order to win on behalf of their clients.

Fortunately, the wait it nearly over and you are invited to rediscover the hit series that captured imaginations last Spring, as SCANDAL returns for its second season on Thursday, September 27th at 10PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada). It is time to find out who Quinn Perkins really is.

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