REVOLUTION: Daniella Alonso Interview (2012)

If J.J. Abrams has proven one thing over the course of his illustrious career creating television, it’s that he knows a thing or two about writing for strong women. Which is why it should come as no surprise that REVOLUTION — the latest action-packed roller coaster ride of a series that he’s shepherded to the small screen alongside SUPERNATURAL storyteller Eric Kripke — is littered with them. Case in point, last night’s introduction of resistance fighter and all around bad ass Nora. Played by FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS alum Daniella Alonso, recently had the opportunity to catch up with her in an effort to learn more about the roots of her mysterious character and how she fits into the increasingly addictive puzzle that is REVOLUTION.

What initially drew you to the new series REVOLUTION and the character of Nora?
DANIELLA: What initially drew me to Revolution was the concept and of course the amazing team behind it from J.J. Abrams to Eric Kripke to NBC to Jon Favreau. What drew me to Nora was the endless possibilities with a character like her. The reason behind the reason behind the reason to why she does what she does.

How does Nora fit into the REVOLUTION world?
DANIELLA: Nora fits into the REVOLUTION world because she was created by that world. The person she was is no longer the person she is, but that wasn’t by choice. She was forced to survive in a world full of chaos. Now she answers to no one. She is a strong willed loner on a journey of her own!

What do you most admire about Nora so far?
DANIELLA: The thing I admire about Nora so far is the fact that she says what she means and means what she says! I respect that about her.

Does Nora have any established alliances and loyalties, or is she a free agent?
DANIELLA: When we first see Nora we learn that she is a rebel fighter. Where she came from and where she is going will be revealed over the course of the season. But Nora is a survivor and she does what she needs to in order to survive!

How would you describe Nora’s relationship with Billy Burke’s character, Miles?
DANIELLA: Nora and Miles go way back. Theirs is a complicated relationship.

Since Nora is rather fond of explosives, have you had to do any demolition training, or do you leave that up to the production crew and stunt coordinators?
DANIELLA: I have not done any demolition training but I have read up on and practiced making different kinds of bombs in order to prepare for certain scenes. Intense stuff!

Your role looks to be quite physically demanding. What has been some of the challenges you’ve faced (and conquered) working on the show so far?
DANIELLA: I wouldn’t say that there have been challenges per say although a lot of the stunts we do are challenging but in a great way. We are all very lucky that we can do most of our stunts because that allows us to really delve into our characters and really gives us a sense of what it’d be like to live in this world (after the blackout).

In your mind, what is the biggest mystery of REVOLUTION?
DANIELLA: The biggest mystery for me is how and why “the lights went out”…

What kinds of things would you encourage fans to pay close attention to as they watch REVOLUTION?
DANIELLA: I would encourage fans to pay close attention to what the characters are saying about themselves and others. Each episode is full of hints and foreshadowing.

Now that you’re working on a series that portrays an apocalyptic world, what would be the one thing you’d like to have, that Nora doesn’t have in the show?
DANIELLA: One thing I’d like to have that Nora doesn’t is a phone. It’s the way I keep in contact with my huge family and friends. With all the traveling I do I couldn’t imagine not being able to hear my loved ones voices.

Finally, on a different topic, maybe you could describe what it was like working on COVERT AFFAIRS this season – in particular what is was like to work with Chris Gorham in the scenes where your character was blindfolded and had to walk across a busy street. Though that was probably carefully choreographed, it looked very suspenseful!
DANIELLA: On COVERT AFFAIRS Chris [Gorham] was such a pleasure to work with! He was such a giving actor as well. I found myself in the middle if scenes watching him and thinking how convincing he was as a blind man. Even though I was blindfolded I had faith in Chris and the whole team over at COVERT AFFAIRS that I’d be safe! But of course there was a small part of me that was nervous. To take away a huge sense like my eyesight was a pretty crazy experience but it really informed me/Suzanne on what Auggie went through when he lost his eyesight.

REVOLUTION airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC (CityTV in Canada). Photo Credit: Jsquared Photography.

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