AWKWARD.: Preview for Season 2 Finale (2012)

This is it, the moment we have been waiting for over the past two seasons. It is the night of Jenna’s choice. Sure, it certainly seemed like Jenna had made her choice long ago when she picked Jake over Matty at the end of the first season. But as this second season has shown, it was increasingly hard for Jenna to abide by her decision. Her heart kept pulling her back to Matty — no matter how many times she told herself and everyone else that she had picked Jake. So the big moment has come again, and this time Jenna’s choice will be final.

But the question is not really whether it is Team Matty or Team Jake, but really whether Jenna is ready to make such a big decision. With Matty being all tall, dark and handsome and ready to relentlessly pursue her all the while knowing that she was dating his best friend, it is enough to sweep any girl off her feet – even when she is desperately trying to keep them firmly planted on the ground. Then with Jake unhesitantly ready to shout to the world that Jenna is the girl for him and that she completes him, we have found our heads turned just as much as Jenna’s. Both suitors are tenacious and zealous in their pursuit, but Jenna only has one heart to give.

It is a choice that most young women would kill to have – two super hot, dreamy and passionate men vying for her. Yet as Jenna has discovered, both Jake and Matty also found ways to crush her heart too. Matty hesitated to make their relationship public and Jake had preemptively broken up with Jenna for virtually no reason at all; and that kind of treatment is enough to give a girl pause. And this is where we find Jenna at the dawn of the 2nd season finale – who will she give her heart to? Better yet, who deserves it?

At the recent MTV AWKWARD. wrap party at Hollywood’s hottest night club The Colony, the cast all weighed in with their thoughts about the Jenna-Matty-Jake love triangle and also offered a few speculations of their own about what lies ahead in Season 3 for each of them.

Video interviews from the red carpet with the cast of AWKWARD. about what to expect in the final two episodes of the 2nd season.

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Greer Grammer:

Wesam Keesh:

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Barret Swatek:

As can be seen, everyone was being very careful to not let it slip what Jenna’s ultimate choice will be, but they certainly had a lot of fun sharing their thoughts on what the 3rd season of AWKWARD. will have to offer. Clearly, they are all just ecstatic to be returning for the show’s third season and cannot wait to see what fun conundrums the writers dream up for next season.

With an extended 3rd season looming, perhaps it is premature for a teen as young as Jenna to be declaring a winner in game of love. Isn’t that one of the great opportunities of high school, to date many young men and give each the chance to prove that there are one day worthy of actually winning a girl’s heart?

But on the off chance that Jenna takes a leap of faith and does make a choice, we all know one thing for certain: we’ll be watching to see who she picks. It’s going to be a nail-biting episode, so be sure to tune in for the 2nd season finale of AWKWARD. on Thursday, September 20th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV – and stock pile tissues and a pillow should the choice not go as you hoped!

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